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Why is the Colorado Killer’s Family standing by him???

I have said it before

James Holmes Mug Shot

James Holmes Mug Shot

and I will say it again- FAMILIES ARE THE FORGOTTEN CONSEQUENCES OF CRIME. This is true for families of people at all levels in our criminal justice system. From a small misdemeanor to the horror of the killings in Colorado, families pay the price long after a prison term is served.

I work with families all over the United States. In many of these cases I have never worked for their family member who is incarcerated. I am hired to help families establish boundaries with their loved one while he is inside, help find resources for them and provide the must needed answers of how to move on with their own lives. I also serve as living proof that this can be done, and of course provide my insider’s point of view.

These families live with guilt, shame and many fear retaliation should they decide to in some ways support their family member. Truly guilt by association. Families are the only segment of our criminal justice system that have no representation and are not presumed innocent.

Should we blame the families, especially when they become part of the crimes like Cindy Anthony and George Zimmerman’s wife? Do we blame the family of Amanda Knox and John Hinkley who stuck by their children?

With crimes come consequences. One of the consequences that we read and see little about are the families. Families on both sides- victim and victimizer. Those consequences include the children of incarcerated parents and the cycle that often repeats should the child not have a good support system. This is why many prisons have good protocol in place for family visits and contact. Remember, most people inside a prison today will be released and the majority in less that 5 years. That brings up the problem of re-entry with families.

Many of those incarcerated assume that upon release all will be forgiven and they will automatically be back and bonded with their children. This is rarely the case. Re-Entry takes work and effort and must be very carefully handled. Yet another family consequence of crime.

The past weekend’s mass murders in Colorado saw the media immediately going after the family of the killer Holmes. But, in reality what would one expect these parents to do or say? Especially when they too were just hearing this news and are now victims. Is it possible they knew their son was “off?” Of course, but then what? Should we blame them, or have compassion for them? Families of infamous murder cases are a particular group in that they must also deal with media attention and in many cases fear for their own lives.

If anything good can come out of tragedy it is an open discussion. My hope is that the Colorado case does just that and helps to shine a light on families and crime and what our society can do to learn more about this taboo subject. I for one will continue to write about it and of course work with these families as part of my everyday practice. Think about them before you judge. What would YOU do? And how would you hope to be treated?

Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, insider and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, NPR and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest in the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at wendy@custodialcoaching.com. 


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Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman- THE LESSONS

I have written much about both of these cases. Everything from the odd Anthony family jail visiting tapes to my opinion that the Zimmerman case is an example of everything wrong with our criminal justice system. I still believe this, and the arrest this week of Zimmerman and his wife for lying on a bond declaration prove my point. Now the trick will be to use both of these high profile cases to shine the light on many issues.

There remains no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony and her family will all resurface once Casey’s probation comes to an end. Never underestimate money and MOTIVE. We may see separate interviews and then a “family” one if the price is right. Twisted- Yes- but true.

I have also written a lot about how I viewed the Casey Anthony jail visits from her parents as suspicious. They were and still hold the keys to what really went on in the death and subsequent cover up of Caylee Anthony. The visiting conversations simply were not consistent with a family grieving the loss of a child. The behavior since that time confirms my thinking. There is deep mental illness and criminal thinking by every member of the Anthony family. What we can learn is that the consequences of this are deep. From the abuse and death of a child to the cost to tax payers and how even something as simple as probation was mishandled by the court, jail and MEDIA.

In the case of George Zimmerman and the death of Trayvon Martin, there are also many criminal justice issues. These range from the shooting, the cover up and of course all of the media misrepresentations. And now we have perjury. Wait!!! We also had perjury in the Anthony case- CRIMINAL THINKING.  And of course we also have jail house visits that are very suspicious. For the record: inmates know these visits are recorded. SO, why risk talking in code or anything that will bring negative attention to the case? The negative attention of course. For these types of people the attention is everything. Remember we are not dealing with normal psychological profiles.

The many things in common between Anthony and Zimmerman will continue to grow. Maybe we will eventually see a joint FLORIDA jailhouse lessons interviews with all of them. The key thing to remember is not the players but the lesson. We must learn more about our criminal justice system in order to change it, and we must shine a large spotlight on crime, punishment and redemption when it is valid. Neither of these cases will earn that privilege. My motto is “change is possible” but I am very clear that takes work, and these two, and those around them will keep blaming, scheming and looking for the easy way out. Here is hoping that we can learn the lessons and the two deaths will serve as turning points for positive change and build awareness.


Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, insider and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from Today, CBS Early Show, Fox News, Judith Regan Show, WNYC and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest in the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at wendy@custodialcoaching.com. 

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Take action and find a solution???

I have had thousands of responses to my post from last week. The  cases of Susan Powell , baby Lisa Irwin and Michelle Parker all need to be looked at.

For the record, I am not a Casey Anthony supporter, nor a supporter of ANYBODY in the Anthony family. I am a believer in equal justice and the truth. In fact, my previous posts would show that I think Cindy Anthony should have been treated like any other member of society and been charged with perjury.

For now, the lesson to be learned from all of these cases is to speak up and offer a solution. Otherwise none of us has a right to complain. Hate and denial are not how we can prevent child abuse or effect change.

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Guess who is back in the news??? Casey Of course…

Stay tuned for some inside scoop on what Casey Anthony has been up to, and what will be landing her back in the slammer soon. Yes, the Feds have been notified and I will address that as well. Coming tomorrow…


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How Long Until Casey Anthony and her poor dog are in trouble???

UPDATE: Why is CAsey making her “hideout” public? Countdown to her return to jail…

As my readers know, I have been respectful of the fact that Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder. This does not mean I feel she is not guilty. But now, Anthony and her team of losers have gone too far. How predictable!

Sad but true, many offenders return to prison on probation violations. It looks like Casey will be no different. This at least because of the additional Videos she “released” this week. What a mess and how STUPID! And, now her hiding place is out as are pictures of her dog? Hello Humane Society.

Let’s address why I think this was so foolish first and then we will get to the stories the tapes tell.

Casey Anthony is on ‘Supervised Probation.  That means that she has strict accountability including checking in monthly with her probation officer, filing an income/loss statement, having a job or going to school and other things. In her last official released probation statement, Anthony claimed she had started online classes but did NOT have a job. Yet, on the video that was allegedly made two months ago, Anthony states that she bought the computer with her own money. WHAT MONEY??? This, from a woman who told her probation officer she had no job. Any money she earns must be accounted for because she has liens from the IRS and the State of Florida. SO, these videos are either showing her lying about where the computer came from or she lied on her probation report. Neither scenario is good for her.

Next, the tapes tell a story. Months ago I wrote about how the Jail House tapes of her family visit told a story of a very twisted family. Not just Casey, all of them. I received lots of angry comments and mail. But, of course it turned out during the trial that this family does have problems and many secrets. Hey, even perjury by momma Cindy Anthony! But, these new tapes of Casey show that she has learned NOTHING, has no remorse and obviously is severely mentally ill. After all, she talks about how she gets to have a camera and a phone! Hello, you had that in jail and in court. And, she talks about needing things of her own! Nothing about Caylee of course, and worse yet, nothing about wanting to lead a good and productive life. Let’s not forget that she did spend almost 4 years in jail for FRAUD. So, she is a felon and she should be trying to change.

As a prison coach and expert, I see amazing change everyday. Cases like Casey Anthony bring an even worse name to the rest of us. This insider suggests that Casey Anthony and her “team” get it together. But, don’t worry. I am sure her probation officer and others are on the case. Something else will pop big time, and soon. How sad and what a waste of our time and money. Get Real Casey Anthony, but I will save my Incarcerventions for those who care and can change. Look, I am not expecting Casey Anthony to practice some true Restorative Justice, but anything positive would be a start. I just do not see it.

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Casey Anthony prediction: Here come the FEDS!!!

The Casey Anthony case has more twists and turns than a ride at Universal Studios! As predicted, tot mom was not found guilty, pretends to be in rehab, and now I believe she and her legal team will face a Federal Investigation.

Why a Federal Investigation? Several reasons. For starters, the Florida department of Corrections SCREW up by allowing Casey Anthony to serve probation while in jail, Judge Strickland speaking to the media and the gross misuse of taxpayer funds to pay the Anthony lawyers and experts.

Now, this insider predicts that the IRS will investigate not only in regards to the lien they placed on the Casey Anthony payment from ABC, but the funds her legal team must have also received and not declared. Hello- tax FRAUD.

We also may see an investigation into the lack of a proper Police investigation, George and Cindy Anthony issues, and the quick determination to NOT file perjury charges against Cindy.

What else can go wrong here? Lots. Maybe in jail misconduct and the lack of a tax declaration on the funds received in jail by Casey Anthony.

This case shows the absolute tragic state that our criminal justice system is in.I spoke about this and more last week on Nancy Grace and issues with Jane Velez Mitchell. The lesson, as I always say is that change IS possible. This time we need to change the system. Less talk and more action.

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Why Casey Anthony will never get that million bucks…

Rumors are running rampant that Casey Anthony will get over a million dollars for an interview and maybe even a book. But look at the obvious. Anthony has a slew of legal troubles including IRS liens, her felony convictions, the appeal of her most recent convictions for lying and various civil suits. Even if she were to receive money, she would either not be able to keep it or she would lose her indigent status and therefore her defense in the criminal matter that is on appeal would have to be funded by her and not the state.

Add all of this to the fact that Casey Anthony cannot file bankruptcy easily and cannot make herself judgment proof. She simply will have to take this slowly and continue to accept the help others are giving her. Yes, others are funding her life now and her parent’s lives as well. How else do you think they are all living the life?

Certainly a network has not already paid cash directly to any of them, so who is?

The benefactors are front end paying the bills for their own reasons. Then, a network deal can come later after Casey cleans up and has proper coaching. Believe me, she is in therapy and coaching and maybe even having media prep.

And, at the end of the day if she does receive a money deal, she will have to pay her debts and then make a long term plan. Even a million dollars will NOT last forever and this high school dropout needs forever.

As for the parents, Cindy and George, who is funding them? Somebody is and we will soon learn. Expect them to do an interview before Casey.

No doubt Casey Anthony needs cash, but she also needs therapy and long term planning. Where she gets this or if she gets this is anybody’s guess. But, first Casey Anthony must stop playing the victim and start doing something for somebody else. How about donating a portion of any proceeds to charity? That could start what is truly needed here-some Restorative Justice.

Stay tuned. Change is possible. Maybe!


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