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What’s a LOHAN supposed to do???


The Lindsay Lohan saga in criminal court just got even more LINSANE. Really- nobody could make this up. Lohan or a lawyer on her behalf was supposed to appear in Los Angeles court today. But, neither appeared. Well, a “lawyer’ named Mark Heller did. Mark Heller- the formerly disbarred NY lawyer appeared for Ms. Lohan. But, as previously written and talked about, Heller is not a California lawyer and California criminal law and jails are much different than New York’s.

Judge Jim Dabney admonished Heller for not having local co-council and went as far as to state that Lohan must hire local lawyers or appear and state that she understands she has an “incompetent” lawyer and is willing to take that risk. So, what is Lohan going to do? The answer is as complicated as the many issues Lohan has going on.

Lohan faces charges of lying to police and a probation violation. In fact, she faces multiple jail terms and jurisdictions. This is not just a simple misdemeanor case. Lohan also faces allegations of IRS problems and a large UNPAID bill for an amount due to her previous lawyer Shawn Holley. Holley was sadly fired by Lohan after years of helping her escape jail and turn her life around. Many of us who believe in alternative sentences have seen the Lohan case demonstrate what creative options are possible for those who want to work hard to change their lives.

So, again what CAN Lohan do now? The lawyer who takes her on will have to put in many hours and be able to be creative. A global solution involving all of the criminal cases should be sought. But the problem will be who is going to pay the bill, and who is smart enough to structure such a deal. This deal will need to involve rehab, psychiatric help, probation expertise and the respect of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. A LOT of work. This legal coach suggests that Lohan get real, get busy and get a solid team together yet again. And Lindsay, I said TEAM. And that will involve a sponsorship by a quality rehab and all of us to believe. Well, it is Hollywood the land of make-believe!


Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, crisis manager and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, E! News, People.com, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, NPR and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest on the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at wendy@wendyfeldman.com

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Charlie Sheen and the media- GROSS!!!

What else can I say about the media blitz of the past few weeks regarding Sheen? It is enough already. This is media at it’s worst. How sad that Sheen and numerous media outlets have sunk so low as to air the police removing Sheen’s children. Really??

For anybody who has been through family court, custody battles and such- there are no winners. For Sheen and his maybe ex wife, there is no sure thing here. A court does not have to give children to either if they are not fit. In this case, there will be a psychological evaluation and more.

My motto is change is possible.  This is true, but as I always say, it takes work. This insider hopes that the media and  the Sheen’s get the help they need NOW.

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Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen- Who would you rather???


It seems that neither Lohan nor Sheen can stay out of trouble. Wonder why? It is very simple. They are used to attention, any attention and like a child, they will even settle for negative attention.

But, other than the fact that they both are need again of a real Incarcervention, the comparisons end there. At the moment Lohan is trying to stay clean and sober for a probation hearing at the end of the month. There have been no reports as of yet that she is not testing clean. Sheen however keeps on doing what he knows best. Drugs, women and denial.

I have written about Sheen before and his lack of personal responsibility. I have even written about how he snitched on ex madam Heidi Fleiss and testified against her in order to save himself. Remember that? He needed to get help then.

These two represent what is wrong in our criminal justice system. Think about it. If a person continued to deal drugs and not just use them, he would be in jail. But, for some reason our system is not set up for Equal Justice. Crimes are not treated the same and yes, celebrities sometimes get better treatment. Although I do not always believe that, Sheen certainly has fared better than most of us would. But, it seems that Sheen has never been caught with possession. That seems odd, as I am sure the drugs at his home were cleaned up but they certainly were in his system!

So, what can learn from these two? That is easy. The only way for true change is through hard work and owning your actions. Like this insider always says, change is possible

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Tips from this insider for Lindsay Lohan and her FREEDOM!!!

The New Year is here and that means FREEDOM for Lindsay Lohan. The way she handles this freedom is up to her. Not many of us have had to live our legal and addiction problems under the same level of scrutiny as Lindsay. Every move has been watched and second-guessed by not only law enforcement, but also pop media. How ironic that Lindsay made so many top ten year in review lists, while Charlie Sheen made only a few.

So, some advice to Lindsay and those of us watching. Re-entry under any circumstance is a difficult process. Re-entry, while many are waiting for you to fail may seem like an entirely other thing all together. It really is not. After all, people look for those leaving prison to fail every day. Maybe not in the spotlight of the media, but failure and felony do seem to go together. They do not have to.

Lindsay needs to go about her re-entry as if she was just another person leaving custody or an alternative sentence. That means being ultra careful with all choices and decisions. It also means never forgetting where you just came from and how quickly you could go back or worse. Re-entry also means that you have to earn back the trust and respect of others. That, just like change, takes work and lots of it. The good news is that we live in the land of the free and America loves a good comeback.

Lindsay, take your time, practice some restorative justice and help others while helping yourself. This insider knows that the best chance for a successful re-entry is to be humble yet proud.


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The Top Ten Predictions from this Insider for 2011

As 2010 comes to a close, I would like to share my top predictions for 2011 as well as recap a few key events from 2010. As we all know, 2010 was a year of change and recovery. This is a good thing in many ways. While the economy is getting better, more changes are coming. 2010 brought us the incarcerations of Madoff as well as the final stages of the investigations into others involved. We also saw rapper T.I. violate his probation and return to prison, while Michael Vick continues to go strong on his road back.  We saw Lindsay Lohan receive an appropriate alternative sentence, while Charlie Sheen continues his cry for an INCARCERVENTION! 2010 also brought election changes that will take effect in 2011. 2011 should be full of more of the same and some new twists as well.

1-    There will be criminal charges brought in the BP Gulf oil disaster. Remember the wheels of Justice turn slowly, but they do turn.

2-    Wall Street Hedge Funds and Insider traders are the big “get” for the D.O.J .in 2011. Look out!

3-    Celebrities will continue to get in trouble. But, this year we may see some courts begin to be creative in their sentencing.

4-    Election results in California, where there is a huge problem with the prison system, will result in positive alternative sentencing and more education for Judges and courts. The new Attorney General Kamala Harris is tough but understands the need for rehabilitation in most cases.

5-    The country will continue to become educated to the facts that most people in custody are coming out-and soon. Through programs like CNN Heroes shining the light on people like Susan Burton, 2011 will be a year of change  and understanding in our criminal justice system.

6-    Wesley Snipes will continue to complain about his prison term while he is in Prison!

7-    Andy Fastow, remember him from ENRON, will be released from Prison.

8-    Blago will be re-tried and eventually go to Prison.

9-    Our new Supreme Court will show us what they are really made of as they try to hand down Equal Justice.

10-Dr. Drew will find himself in need of an INCARCERVENTION!

Good-bye to 2010 and hello 2011. This insider is ready.

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Wesley Snipes- Now this is why some people need an INCARCERVENTION!!!


Time has run out for actor Wesley Snipes. Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for willful failure to file Federal income tax returns in 2008. This stemming from a 2006 indictment on tax related charges.

So, what did Snipes do after his indictment? He denied the allegations, blamed ex business managers and associates and filed paperwork saying he did not owe U.S. taxes because he was a “non resident alien”. In fact, Snipes was born in the United States. To make matters worse for himself, Snipes appealed his conviction in 2008 and had remained free on bond while that appeal was being reviewed. In July 2010, Snipes conviction was affirmed. It is then that he should have gotten the hint that prison was soon to become a reality.

The 2006 indictments were not the first sign of legal troubles for Mr. Snipes as he was detained in 2005 at a Florida airport for attempting to leave South Africa on a fraudulent South African Passport. Too bad nobody, including Snipes, called for an Incarcervention at the first sign of trouble. As is always the case, crimes do not just happen; there are small signs of entitlement and grandiosity that lead up to them. Just ask Lawrence Taylor, Charlie Sheen, DMX and others. In the case of Wesley Snipes he was accused of various crimes including failure to file tax returns for years 1999-2004. Then we have his South African passport incident in 2005 and his 2006 Federal indictments. A legal intervention before it was too late would have been nice. But, that would mean Snipes would actually have to accept some responsibility!

Now, Snipes is in the worst position he could imagine- an order to immediately surrender to federal authorities. As of November 19, 2010, the Federal Bureau of Prisons listed Snipes as having the status of “in transit. This is otherwise known as CON AIR.  There is no self-surrender check in for Mr. Snipes. He will be held in various Federal facilities while on the way to his final inmate destination. That means traveling by plane or bus in handcuffs and shackles, not a Gulfstream for a movie studio. This is a very poor way to start prison time and a shame Snipes was not given better legal advice and advice to at least start practicing some self discipline and Restorative Justice last July.

This insider knows that there is no substitute for a little humility and a good prison consultant. Wesley, next time call me!

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You did the crime, so you do the time. What does this really mean??

The disparity in criminal sentencing has never been greater. As we know Lindsay Lohan got off after two DUI’s and multiple probation violations with a light sentence. It looks like Charlie Sheen will have a light sentence for assaulting his wife as well. But, Chris Brown has 5 long years of supervised probation. Recently, I was on The TODAY show and I have received calls from all over the country. These calls prove that disparities in sentencing are all over our State and Federal system.

In some cases, it is because a person had a better lawyer and so cut a better deal, but in others the same cast is performing and the deals are awful. I have seen better deals lately by public defenders.

We need to urge our lawyers, lawmakers and especially judges to get creative. Most people are in the system for non-violent crimes and we must find a cost effective way to help the rehabilitate while helping society as well. Can you say COMMUNITY SERVICE?

I know I harp on community service, but it makes me wonder how there can be any change in our criminal justice system without starting somewhere and that’s a cheap and easy place to start. Right now, many people do the crime and only a few do the time. However, some do way more time than others for the same offense. This makes for angry defendants and questions upon release. We must start to change the criminal justice system now! Remember, this insider always says that Change is Possible.

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