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Why Lance Armstrong is a DOPE!!!



If you commit a crime, bully and abuse people and then need positive PR- who you gonna call? OPRAH of course.

Well, maybe call Oprah back in the day when she actually had an audience. Now it is just a very pathetic way to try and manipulate the court of public opinion.

Lance Armstrong has now confirmed what we all knew- he used performance-enhancing drugs for many years. SURPRISE! The issue really isn’t that he used the drugs, it is the lying and the bullying that he participated in.

From a criminal justice standpoint the issue is did Lance Armstrong open himself up to any legal issues? I say yes and time will tell. What is certain is that he opened the door to immense civil law suits and all because he still wants his 15 minutes. Lance- that is long over. Your fame is now infamy.

I have been asked if I think that Lance Armstrong deserves to go to prison. My answer is simple- YES. He lied, broke laws and strong armed people. Prison is the perfect place to teach him humility and respect. We waste time putting small time drug dealers in prison but it is people like Armstrong who belong there. This because he felt the rules and laws did not apply to him. He obviously still feels that way or he wouldn’t make such a grandiose gesture of coming clean.

Entitlement and grandiosity are two criminal thinking errors and are common in many people who break the law. Armstrong did try hard to mitigate his criminal activity with his philanthropy but one does not in any way make the other right.

Lance Armstrong- prison awaits. At least a prison of your own making. Not even the best prison coach– me- can help you now.


Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, insider and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, E! News, People.com, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, NPR and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest on the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at wendy@wendyfeldman.com

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Do we care where in the world Casey Anthony is???

At this point the mystery of how Casey Anthony would be released is over. Truth be told it was never a mystery. As I said on The CBS EARLY SHOW Saturday, all inmates have a similar release protocol. No, the Sheriff does not have to provide 24/7 protection and let us keep in mind that high profile people are released everyday.

The questions still abound for many about her re-entry into society. I also addressed this on the Early Show. Re-entry is the single hardest part of the incarceration process. Anybody can do time. But, many people have a hard time coming back into mainstream society. As with anybody I work with, I advise Casey Anthony to get help.

Celebrities in high profile cases often re- offend because of the enablers and takers around them. This case is not likely to be any different. After all, change takes work and admitting you NEED to change. How can Casey Anthony expect society to forgive her until she does the work? Maybe she should practice some restorative justice? Probably not, that takes work too.

Will Casey Anthony write a book? Can she write a book? That takes work too. Lying does not make somebody a murderer, but her lack of attachment and empathy do make her an unlikely candidate for change.

So, how long until Jose Baez looses interest and they too split? Criminal thinking is done in patterns. There are eight patterns of criminal thinking. Most people in prison exhibit at least a few of these. Number one pattern of criminal thinking- ENTITLEMENT.

Casey Anthony may never realize that there is a difference between FAME and INFAMY. Or, she may not care until she lands in jail again.


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What do Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Cindy Anthony Have in Common???

It seems that every “expert” on television has a thought about Cindy Anthony and the question of perjury charges. Oddly enough, the consensus seems to be that she will not be charged. Many of the legal TV pundits and headline makers are outraged at the suggestion. Really? While all of us sympathize with her loss, the fact is people do go to prison everyday for perjury and making false statements. This insider has coached many people who served time for lying. Most do it because they are scared and do not know what else to do and  so they panic. A costly mistake.

Today Roger Clemens goes on trial in Federal Court on six counts. Two of these counts are for perjury and three for making false statements. In fact, just as in many cases, it is the cover up and not the actual crime that people go to Prison for. Think Martha Stewart, Marion Jones and many more. Baseball great Barry Bonds was convicted in April 2011 of Obstruction of Justice and the jury deadlocked on three charges of perjury. Bonds may be recharged on the perjury charges.

I empathize with anybody facing time on non-violent offenses. I believe that in most of these cases an alternative sentence of community service is more appropriate than actual jail or prison time. But, we are supposed to have a fair and balanced justice system. This means Equal Justice for all. Selective prosecution remains a fact of life. This because of the money needed to prosecute crimes and the vast differences between judges, prosecutors and legal jurisdictions. States have different protocols than the Feds and even District Attorney’s differ State-by-State, county-by-county.

But, this cannot mean that there are exceptions to laws. Our system is in enough trouble without that. One wrong does not make another right. So, what to do in the Cindy Anthony matter? Sadly that is the difficult task of the State of Florida. Stay tuned. Follow on Twitter @incarcervention

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Blago- What’s next???

As readers of mine know, I have written much about ex governor Rod Blagojevich and what he should have done. Last summer I wrote that in my opinion Blago should have cut a deal and saved the taxpayers and himself a load of money and time. Now, as we find out, Blago is going to have lots of time to think about this mess.

Today Blagojevich was convicted of 17 counts of various Federal charges. All felonies, all-serious. He is looking at 8 years if he is LUCKY. We will find out when he is sentenced in a few months. But now, Blago will not be permitted to travel without court permission and will begin what is known as post conviction supervision. Blago will have to check in with a probation officer and submit to various rules. No more reality TV and no more games. Well, probably one more game- an appeal.

Blagojevich is the second Illinois governor in a row to face Federal Prison and corruption charges. Blago will also probably start to have his lawyers produce all kinds of alternative sentence proposals and mitigating circumstances. For example, a forensic mental health evaluation etc…

Blago is a prime example of a person whose ego has led them to prison and a great example of a person who was in need of an incarcervention. For a man who loves the media he sure seems lucky. This media coverage is not positive and yet many people are too busy with the Tot mom Casey Anthony story to pay attention. But, by the time a Blago sentencing comes around we will all be watching.

Where Blago serves his jail time will be the next hot topic in the rumor mill otherwise known as inmate.com. Blago- the offer still stands- CALL ME. You need a good prison coach.

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Lindsay Lohan- WHY do some people keep going back???

It appears that the worst kept secret in Los Angeles legal circles is true. Lindsay Lohan headed back to court .  As everyone who reads my blog knows, I have been a big supporter of Lohan and the alternative sentence she received in May. The sentence was a spilt of home confinement and substantial community service for two separate criminal legal issues. One, the violation of probation for her two D.U.I. arrests and the other for her NO CONTEST plea regarding the theft of a necklace. But, readers also know that as a legal coach I firmly believe that defendants who receive alternative sentences must take them seriously. Otherwise, judges will not hand them down and we are stuck with a criminal justice system that only incarcerates and does not rehabilitate.

Rehabilitation is a key necessity for our criminal justice system as over 95% of all people incarcerated in the United States will be coming home at some point.  So, what can insiders like me do? First, we must educate people to the flaws and strengths of our system and the reality of what works. For example, defendants in the Federal system have much stricter accountability than those in the State system. Accountability is the only known deterrent. Next, we must urge judges to practice equal justice. That said, I believe that Lohan has not been treated better than others. But, now we will see for sure.

And, to answer the question of why some people keep going back we only need to look at the fact that people who do not learn from their arrests and mistakes will only repeat them in more serious ways. As a legal coach I work with people to accept responsibility and stop blaming others. Hence, my term INCARCERVENTION. Often this makes me very unpopular with my clients. But, after a while they usually see the light and the fact that without owning your own actions you cannot move forward. Lohan clearly needed an incarcervention when she was having rooftop parties while under house arrest. But, it looks like none of the people who profess to care about her offered one.

Now, it seems the original judge in his haste to send Lohan to jail, did not order drug and alcohol testing after February 25, 2011. And, the new judge who handed the alternative sentence down did not realize this. So, despite the wishes of the probation department, Lohan will not go to jail and will not have to submit to any further testing. Here is hoping that Lohan keeps learning and changing. Lindsay, yes, change is possible. Keep working at it.

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The Casey Anthony Trial- Show me the MONEY!!!


Here we are again. A very serious trial where certain lawyers seem more interested in what they perceive will be their after trial payday. Can you spell JOSE BAEZ? Every time he speaks he is pandering to the courtroom camera. What else can explain his poor performance as a defense lawyer on a case where his client is facing the death penalty? After all, Baez floated a theory during opening statements that the child drowned and the grandfather covered it up. HMMM. So, how does this explain the fact that tot mom was out partying and didn’t call the police for 31 days?

Baez is in a long line of lawyers and judges who have turned extreme courtroom behavior into a TV career. Think Judge Lance Ito, Marcia Clark, Judge Larry Seidlin from the Anna Nicole case and others. Remember, Judge Seidlen actually had a crying session in his courtroom! But, there is one big difference here. Baez is very unpopular and does not have the legal chops of the others. His courtroom antics have not been entertaining or legally sound, but I am sure he will try for his 15 minutes of fame.

This makes me wonder; how many people are set to profit off the death of Caylee Anthony? The grandparents have been shopping a book and have licensed pictures for a mid six-figure amount, Lee Anthony is also shopping a book and Tot mom herself has tried to sell pictures.

This insider proposes a law that proceeds would have to go to pay court costs on all matters that have wasted taxpayer money. Yes, change is possible but not when you let greed and fame get in the way.

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Tot mom Casey Anthony- If convicted, what happens next???

Now that the Casey Anthony murder trial is winding down, what may become of Tot Mom Anthony? First of all, Tot mom must be worried as the trial is wrapping up. Many things will change if she is in fact found guilty of any of the charges. For one, her days of hanging out with her lawyers in street clothes will be gone and so will ALL of the attention. Well not quite. After all she will still have her celebrity status in State Prison, and I am sure the fan mail will keep coming. And, so will all of the cash from people who do not even know her. All of this on top if the endless request for media interviews that may actually be granted. Remember, this is a State Prison case, not a Federal Prison case. The Feds have no patience for prison interviews.

What else will change for tot mom? For one, she will enter State Prison and will no longer be housed on county jails. There is a bright side to that. She will actually have a permanent home! She also will have outside Yard privileges. Tot mom looks like she could use a little of the Florida sun. On the darker side, if Anthony is convicted and receives the death penalty, she will be one of only 4 women currently on Death Row in Florida. So, Tot mom may actually get the fame and attention she has always desired.

Here is the big question: if convicted, will Anthony be better taken car of in a Maximum-security prison or on Death Row? The jury is out on this, but death row inmates do have less social time and must be segregated from the general population. Lifers who are in the maximum-security units sometimes have perks like school, bible study, yoga and other outside activities. It all depends on how the prison feels they need to handle the security of the inmate. With tot mom, security will be a tough task and the Warden and his staff will have to make sure that Anthony is not only safe but not a danger or distraction to the other women.

Lots to consider, lots to pay for by taxpayers and for what??? Let this be a cautionary tale to others. Even in desperate situations, there are ways to get out. Harming a child is NOT one of them.

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