My Brand is CRISIS…

TODAY -- Pictured: Paula Deen appears on NBC News' "Today" show -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

Crisis seems to be the word of the moment. Between the huge Number of people using this term to NOW describe their businesses and the new movie Called OUR Brand is Crisis, Seems to be a crisis manager is an “it thing?!”

I am a person who as a legal coach and Fixer wears many hats. A legal coach really is a life coach, which better describes that side of my business and brand. But ALL of my clients have or will be in crisis- hence the proper term for me -CRISIS MANAGER.

I recall when I began prison consulting there was one other guy kind of doing this and all of a sudden I received some press and the world was full of Prison consultants.!  A great concept but a nearly impossible way to earn a living without also providing help with many other things the client needs. From rehab to management, my clients need it all and are waiting for that one person who understands the hole they have dug for themselves and is looking for a way OUT.

They need a person who understands them and crisis. After all, change, which is really what we all need in some way, is hard to effect without many things falling into place. My work is all about change yet true change, real change means first you know that you need to change and that you want to. th

After all, there is usually a catastrophic event that leads to a person realizing they need to change. And I mean change in many if not every way. That may mean making a client relatable and humanizing them, as well as changing the people around them. All of it helps dig out of the crisis and leads to the goal of a happier, more successful life.

So yes, my brand is crises but that means so many things. Yet all with one goal- making one learn humility while loosing the entitlement and grandiosity that probably led them to the crisis they now are stuck in. Grandiose people are impossible to relate to, yet they think they are just like everybody else but often with more money. I assure you, money has noting to do with making a client likeable or humanizing them. It is more likely an ego check that needs to happen and fast.

You see a crisis does not last long nor does fame. A crisis becomes a new way of living just as fame become infamy.Neither is good and both are fixable. So, while my brand is crisis whether it is how the fans perceive a client after a divorce or a prison stint, it can be done. They main thing we all have in common- a need to never forget that everything is relative and humility is a MUST. Forget that and your will be calling me.As a crisis manager my goal is to protect you, not promote you like a publicist. I want you to distrust everybody and then take your power and influence back all while remaining human and kind and the best you can be. A tall task but doable.Just remember. There is a fine line between love and hate, and a fine line between perfection and overdoing it. Keep yourself protected and relatable and you will be surprised how different your work life and image will beCan I make anybody likeable???? I would say almost- Take out the obvious, serial killers and child molesters and the answer is YES. But they need to do the hard work to sustain the likability and make the changes stick. But I can humanize anybody or at least make them more relatable and understandable even if we do not want to relate to them for whatever reason. Just remember- change is possible with HARD work!



Wendy Feldman is a family legal coach, crisis manager and a well known expert on alternative sentencing. She is available for private consultation on how to navigate the many aspects of our legal system. She is also well known as a media manager and helps clients get their stories out while making the client relatable and human. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows such as Today, CBS Early Show, Nightline, Fox News ABC News, She is a regular on the CBS entertainment shows The Insider and Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition. Wendy is featured in the hit series on E! Secret Societies of Hollywood. She is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Slate, BBC, NPR, People, US, New York Post,Page Six, Los Angeles Times, The Wrap and many others.  She may be reached at

Follow @Thewendyfeldman



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