What’s prison like on Mother’s Day???

Notes From An Insider

Prison on mother’s day- the busiest place on earth. Certainly not the happiest, but the busiest. Mother’s day is the number one day for visitors in a women’s prison. You see it all. From kids who have not seen their mom’s in a year or more, to every baby daddy on earth trying to do the right thing even if just for a moment.

Mother’s day is also the hardest day if you are in prison and a mom. For many it is the only day of the year they allow themselves to be sad or even remorseful. People in prison all use different coping strategies to deal with the loss, anger and isolation of  their choices. When I was in a Federal Prison camp for mother’s day, it seemed like the only day when everyone got along with each other, or at least tried. In fact, I saw…

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4 responses to “What’s prison like on Mother’s Day???

  1. Maria Genovese

    Happy Mothers Day! This was a nice message but alittle sad . My son is in jail, and I miss him soo much!! I have been the best mother I can be ….to all mothers, celebrate, laugh and have a great day!!! Great story Wendy

  2. Kathy

    In New York State the day was just like any other – nothing special – maybe the visiting room was busier but that was about it – we each wished one another a happy mother’s day but for the most part it was just another day – which was sad.

    • Maria Genovese

      I’m sorry about that…I hope god gives you all the strength you need… My son and I miss each other so much. …I’m missing most of his young man life. ..

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