What is State Prison Really Like- Jodie Arias?


Jodie Arias was just convicted of first degree murder in Arizona. That means she will soon be transferred to Arizona State Prison. And that means Perryville even if she goes to death row. I have known many women who have served time at Perryville and currently have several clients who are still there. Bottom line- Perryville is NO JOKE. It is hard time. They do offer inmate programs for various issues, especially substance abuse, but Arias will no doubt be a lifer and that is a whole different world.

The Perryville complex houses various security levels, but Arias will be in Maximum Security and will have non contact visits and be housed in a cell not a dorm. She will have access to television and like all inmates will be able to buy a radio and various items from the commissary. In fact, high profile cases like Arias, Scott Peterson, Manson and even Casey Anthony often have strangers deposit money on their books for such items. The most popular commissary item is Ice Cream- especially in Arizona in Summer!

But, this prison stay will be no cake walk and contrary to media reports, there is no tweeting or even computers or cell phones. And yes, there are female gangs at Perryville. SO what will life be like for Jodi Arias and her family? ROUTINE. Remember, the family is a victim of Arias also and they will need to decide if they keep in contact with her. No matter what the Arias family has an adjustment period also. I often coach families on how to deal with a loved one’s incarceration. In this case it will be a whole new normal as she is never coming home.

Often the person inside tries to hustle the outsiders and play on their sympathies. I suspect Arias will do this as well. Her family will need to learn boundaries and get over any guilt they may have while showing empathy and compassion for the victim and his family.

As for Jodie Arias she must prepare for long, boring days and lonely nights now that the court drama has ended. Perryville and it’s hard core rules await.


Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, crisis manager and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, E! News, People.com, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, NPR and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest on the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at wendy@wendyfeldman.com

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29 responses to “What is State Prison Really Like- Jodie Arias?

  1. bmille23

    Read every word, factual but you left out the most important fact, She will be ALIVE, rough as it will be she’ll still be alive. Humans spirit being what it is’ she will still have hope, hope of getting out maybe someday, Who knows.. Not Mr. Alexander. He lies in his tomb never to live life again. I have no pity for her.

  2. Liz Davis

    Incarceration for JA (?), well she did the deed. However, now it is her family that will suffer the most. She will plead for money to buy things from the commisary, they will feel guilty and may need the help of Ms. Feldman. I have heard that prison for the prisoner is not nearly as bad as it is for the mess of a family left behind. I know this to be true. Prison is not cupcakes, TV, and special orders for take out. The guards (not all) love their power and abuse it in ways I don’t want to express here. Pray for the families of inmates, they suffer. If you have never walked the walk please don’t speak out against what it is you don’t factually know. God Bless
    P.S. Ms. Feldman do you know Heidi Arneson of NY?

  3. Am I correct in stating that maximum security means she’ll be in her cell, alone, 23 hours a day, and have no contact whatsoever with other inmates?

  4. Janice

    What will happen if she gets life will she be with the others or by herself.

  5. Jodie will put on her charm and manipulate the guards.

  6. sue

    If she does get life in prison and does not death, what will her days be like? No one wants her to have a fulfilling life in prison.

  7. I love Jodie and hope I could help her in some way. phil

  8. Kip

    She should NEVER be allowed to go free, nor should she ever be allowed to have tweet accounts, or any kind of social media. She is a liar, and a psychopath who still spreads lies about her victim, and idiots will believe her. Death to Jodi Arias. She is a demon!

  9. Didnt they say that if she gets Life, that she has to stay in lockdown in her cell for a few years BEFORE she gets taken off of Maximum Security?

    • It will all be up to the Department of corrections at the time

    • Yes she will be in max but then if she cause no trouble she will go into general population at some point in time. She will have all them filled with her BS that nothing will happen to her.

      • andrea

        The justice system failed miserably! The judge,defense team AND the defendant were all schemers and liars. They stalled and did all they could to portray TA as the bad guy. He cant defend himself against these low lifes, and they should all be locked away with JA!

      • andrea

        I hope she goes into general population and the other inmates show her some real love! She thinks she is smarter than everyone else, and a toughie, just wait, she will get beaten down by those smarter and tougher than her…Evil deserves evil,, and everything else bad. Travis couldnt fight for his life, lets see her attempt at fighting….LOSER!

  10. Carla

    Didn’t you say they DO have internet Seems to me you have contradicted yourself a few times Which is it?

  11. Lowetta Miller

    Well, since March 6th 2015, the new enpaneled jury was hung, again. There for, the death penalty has been taken off “her” table. So, Apr 13 is “her” sentencing day, will judge stephens sentence LWP, or LWOP? This is the question on ALL our minds today. WE all hope it will be LWOP, and not LWP. Ether way, “she” IS STAYING IN PERRYVILLE for a very, very long time, and hopefully won’t come out of it walking, but, in a body bag. No matter, “arias” is a verrryyyy strong chameleon, and as chameleons act, “she” will slither and slime “her” way around in manipulating the prison guards and fellow inmates to get what “she” wants in there, so in others words, “she” will survive jest fine there. Oh, I expect the first few months will be tough on “her”, “she,ll” throw a few of “her” infamous monumental temper tantrums that has gotten what “she” wanted and got in Estrella Jail, but, it won’t work very well for “her” there in Perryville at all. So, “she,ll” adapt like a good chameleon “she” is. As to who to feel sorrow for, the only ones I will ever feel sorrow for, are the TRUE VICTIMS FAMILY, THE ALEXANDER,S. I will never, ever, feel any sorrow for the “arias family” at all. Through out this whole circus court case, they have acted as abominable as there “daughter”. Never once, saying “i,m sorry to the Alexander,s for what there daughter did to there family member”, when “they” knew well and fully of what “she” had done to another soul, who had the right to live to, and yet still cry “her” innocents today. There as evil, and manipulative as “jodi ann arias” is too. And they still cry for money to put into there pockets, all for “her”, but buy themselfs new cars and such, then cry bankruptcy because they know about the civil lawsuit being suited against there “daughter” and try to hide any funds from the Alexander Family.So NO! NO SYMPATHY for that “arias clan” at all. they know what’s right to do, but, refuse to do what’s RIGHT……:•|

  12. Susan

    She deserves the worse in jail.Let her suffer to the fullest for what she did.This is living in hell without dying cause we get to know she is paying for everything she has done.When she gets to the jail for the rest of her evil life.

  13. grandma buzzi

    didn’t they prove at the trial that the gunshot to travis head was last that’s why it didn’t bleed he had already out when she slit his throat

  14. I hope Jodi lives a nice long life. She can think about poor Travis. She should do us all a favor and kill her self. Save the tax payers. Dumb ass bitch. Here’s Jodi’s new picture 😈 she always will be a devil. Can’t stand the bitch!!!

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