Casey Anthony + Probation= EPIC FAIL

Here we go again. Another month, another probation report and meeting between Ms. Casey Anthony and her Florida probation officer. Remember, Anthony is on formal probation. That means she has requirements ranging from therapy to financial matters. Casey also has to prove that she has a job or goes to school.

Thus far it has been apparent to me that Anthony has been working the system. Yes, this started when she was first let out on bond and continued while she was in county jail. Then she worked her magic during her trial. Somehow this case became so confused that the Florida Department of Corrections sent Anthony a letter while she was in jail that she had completed her one-year of probation. As I said on numerous media outlets, that would be impossible, and of course when challenged, Anthony was ordered to serve her formal probation in FLORIDA.

What makes Casey Anthony so special? The media attention and the fear that brings the system when there have been grave mistakes made. Yes, I am sure that the Florida Department of Corrections, her probation officer and the criminal court system wishes she would just fade away. How naïve! In fact, Anthony and the attention she brings will only build as we begin summer, and as luck would have it will climax just in time for the upcoming fall television season.

I have written and said numerous times that I thought Anthony had already violated her probation. I stand by this comment. After all, she claims to have no money, no job and no resources, yet she is making video blogs on a NEW computer and of course selling them. Who does she think she is? Is it any wonder that she is delusional and grandiose? Of course not. Did you ever think just who has been paying her bills?

Here are my thoughts- Some based on rumor, some based on non published yet factual information:

Casey Anthony has had a series of benefactors ranging from crazy fame whores to people who think she is innocent.

Anthony has been selling her information to various outlets like Radar Online. There is NO such thing as “leaked” information in this case. Everything has been potted and planned.

Anthony has received cash payments from other media outlets and “friends” of hers have also filtered some of this money to her. In the real world this is called money laundering.

Anthony does not have a job and still provides her probation officer no source of income. After all of these months a regular person on probation would be called to task. In this case we even have Anthony flaunting her success in front of the world and still no action by the judicial system.

The Federal Government is looking into this matter because Anthony has I.R.S. tax liens that she is making no payments on.

SO, what to conclude and what’s next????? I still maintain that at some point Anthony will be called on all of this illegal behavior. The problem may well be that the probation department has made errors just like the Department of Corrections did and like the court itself did. They are embarrassed.

As anybody who follows my work and me knows, I am a believer in EQUAL JUSTICE. Nothing about the probation of Casey Anthony has been equal or fair. This I know having been on probation myself. I urge everybody to demand more while keeping our eyes on the bigger picture of child abuse and use this case as THE example to make positive change. Do not let the initial success of Casey Anthony take the focus off the fact that a child is dead and 5 children die EVERYDAY in the U.S. from abuse or neglect. We must stop child abuse.

Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, insider and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from Today, CBS Early Show, Fox News and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest in the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at 



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11 responses to “Casey Anthony + Probation= EPIC FAIL

  1. john

    hers well come in the end just like mine and ever one els ? olny GOD can judge

  2. Wendy, I totally agree with you. I have a cousin, whom I have never seen in yrs. who always wants to go to prison. Every time they arrest him, he begs them to keep him locked up, they always let him back out on probation.

    The probation department knows he never shows up for his hearings, and always violates his probation terms, but they don’t care.

  3. JanCorey

    Wendy, you do realize that the requirements of Casey Anthony to her contractual conditions are not the same as what you claim for most other probationers. Do actual facts even matter after being proven your initial commentary was so far off base from reality?

  4. Elissa DeCarthage

    Conditions of Casey Anthony’s probation: employment, therapy, truthfulness. Why has her probation not been revoked?
    I think that she was taught a long time ago that she is special, that the rules don’t apply to her, and that the violation of those rules will not result in any substantial punishment for her. The fiasco of the trial and the very special probation exceptions made for her are only reinforcing those beliefs.

  5. Hilde

    BTW Casey Anthony’s Probation is a Joke!
    Again, she is not held responsible for her Actions but what else is new.
    Like I mentioned above, that too won’t last. Everything will come to an End eventually.
    We All can see very clearly what is and has been happening in this Case and will speak up as often and as long as we have too when we see Injustice at its best.

  6. Justice for Caylee

    Casey gets special treatment for some reason…perhaps a higher up coverup

  7. JanCorey

    For people that appear to still be upset with Casey by this time, perhaps their real anger is actually their own disappointments in their own ability to not understand the criminal justice system. Jury said not-guilty, case over, move on and better your education-level for the next new issue so you don’t embarrass yourself as much next time. Just my opinion, no malice intended. Thank you. Casey was proven to have lied, nothing more. Personally, I can’t wait till she starts popping out more little-Caylees again.

  8. has all the latest, breaking news on Casey Anthony and two individuals who continue to inject themselves in the drama – Holly Briley and Amelia Sobel.

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  10. Thanks for sharing such a nice opinion, post is nice, thats why
    i have read it fully

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