Is Casey Anthony jealous of George Zimmerman???

As my readers know I have written much about Casey Anthony and her family. I have been very careful to note that the jury has spoken and while that verdict must be respected, there will no doubt be much more to this story. That said, I have been very outspoken about the crossing of the probation line that Anthony has blurred with her video blogs and that in my opinion those “diaries’ have put her in legal jeopardy. This because she like everybody on probation has financial requirements. In her case she also owes money to the State of Florida and to the I.R.S.

One must be very careful while on probation to follow all rules and requirements. I was the ONLY media commentator who insisted that Anthony would in fact have to serve probation, and that she did not serve probation in jail. After all the term probation means “testing period.” Casey Anthony, her family and her legal team all capitalized on the death of Caylee. George and Cindy Anthony never acted like grandparents who were operating without an agenda. I have taken much criticism about this and while I sympathize with them as people, they did have many questionable actions. Not the least of these is the foundation that now finds itself in financial peril. While John Walsh and Mark Klaas turned the murders of their children into crusades to help other victims, the Anthony family has yet to do this and they have had ample opportunity.

Now today comes word that Jose Baez has released a statement to the media that he no longer is representing Casey! Poor Jose. This is the problem with the case, the media and the loss of the bigger picture- THE DEATH OF AN INNOCENT CHILD.

But, word on the street, and yes there is a such a thing in cases like this, is that Casey is desperate to get her story out- no doubt this is a story of fiction based that is best played out in Fantasyland and Disney World. Why all of a sudden is Casey unable to sit still and hold tight until the end of her probation? George Zimmerman and all of the attention his case is getting right in her own neighborhood. The fact of the matter is that Anthony will wait until her probation is over yet she will continue to release- aka- SELL her video blogs- Then, as would figure, she will sell her story to cable or network television and that will be the bonanza that all are looking for. Plus it will correspond with the new fall TV season. #winning.

I will keep a close and skeptical eye on this as it develops and urge everybody to not support Casey or her family. Yet, we must look at the bigger picture and channel this energy into preventing child abuse. Get involved, take action and make a difference. There are organizations like that care. As for Casey, there is no doubt that she has not changed nor will she. It is all about her. How sad, twisted and sick.

Yes, I believe that change is possible for most people. But, for some it is not in the cards. Change takes work, humility and honesty. Some people are just plain evil. Families are truly the forgotten consequences of crime and in this case so is the victim.


Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert, insider and family legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from Today, CBS Early Show, Fox News and Nancy Grace. She is a weekly featured guest in the syndicated America Now radio program. She may be reached at 



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12 responses to “Is Casey Anthony jealous of George Zimmerman???

  1. Anything she does will immediately be boycotted. Any station, book co., TV show will have severe problems with the American public. Go away, Casey.

  2. Brian

    Casey’s lawyer has already said that she’s not going to do an interview until her appeal on the lying convictions is through, so that would probably go well into the fall. It wouldn’t make sense for her to try to get an interview on her own because her lawyers would drop her if she did anything like that behind their backs.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t believe any rumors you hear about her because she probably has a tight inner-circle and they’ve probably have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements. That’s standard practice for a situation like this, especially for bodyguards and caretakers, but it can extend to friends/family. So anyone that’s talking is probably someone that’s not close enough to actually know anything. An example would be the Camps not saying a word to the press when they were being hassled, not even to throw the press off. Casey’s in the weird place where people will believe anything negative about her without questioning it and immediately dissmiss anything positive. Don’t let your dislike of someone allow you to lose your objectivity.

  3. ALI

    I 100% agree! Anything she does, any network who airs her “story” will be boycotted. This includes the main networks AND the cable networks! Casey Anthony should not earn a penny for the murder of her child! Now that she no longer has Slimy Baez, she has who as a publicist? I’d like to know so I can boycott them as well!

    George and Cindy Anthony are as bad as their daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! They have always had an agenda and I think that’s why REAL crusaders for children (Mark Klass, John Walsh) have basically shunned them. While Caylee lay dead in a ditch are we suppose to believe Cindy and George thought she was ok for 31 days? (Or as Casey’s lawyer put it George was involved.) ANYONE giving them money should meet the same protests. I didn’t even watch the Dr. Phil episodes because by that time, I was tired of the entire family! They all deserved to be in prison!

    • Casey Anthony & Lindsay Lohan should be boycotted by all media outlets. The media should cover more interesting Criminal cases like CeCe McDonald. That would get more ratings and buyers than these two women ever will.

  4. JanCorey

    Casey Anthony is likely not jealous of anyone, she’s an American hero who stood up against a corrupt prosecution-team and won.

    • Daisy Mae

      American Hero? Are you out of your freakin mind? She’s a sociopath who killed and disposed of her child. The only corrupt characters in this story are bozo baez who made up ridiculous stories, and of course the babykiller herself. Hey casey, how did that obsession with Tony work out for ya? Now she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a precious child. She needs to live her live in hiding because she is the most hated woman in America. Most hated certainly does not = hero.

  5. Casey Anthony & Lindsay Lohan should be boycotted. Why can’t the media focus on more interesting criminal cases like CeCe McDonald?

    • I don’t think Casey Anthony is laughing. the petition addresses the DOJ policy that guides whether or not they pick up on cases after state proceedings; the link to the policy on the DOJ website is right in the petition Maybe you should be reading instead of laughing, and you could have made a more intelligent comment. Let me begin your edification.

      The Petite Policy of the United States Department of Justice ( ) states: “This policy establishes guidelines for the exercise of discretion by appropriate officers of the Department of Justice in determining whether to bring a federal prosecution based on substantially the same act(s) or transactions involved in a prior state or federal proceeding.

      This policy precludes the initiation or continuation of a federal prosecution, following a prior state or federal prosecution based on substantially the same act(s) or transaction(s) unless three substantive prerequisites are satisfied:”

  6. JanCorey

    I agree futt, you are mistaken. But, this may give you a chance to finally learn some facts about this case that you are clearly unaware of.

    • JanCorey

      I agree again futt, you are wrong. Wendy, it appears you have a troll named futt here detracting from your great site. Futt refuses to learn the Law but instead in writing raging rants to cover his displeasure with it’s own inability to understand some some very basic principle. If you want to seek criminal charges against futt, I am at your service.

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