Lindsay Lohan and the target she wears as she re-enters society


Lindsay Lohan is entering a very interesting period for anybody who has served jail time and formal probation– FREEDOM. Yes, freedom for a former felon has its challenges. Freedom for Lohan and other high profile people is even more difficult. In fact, I always tell clients that prison is the easy part.

There are three very famous, very different high profile cases going through re-entry right now. Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox and Lindsay Lohan. All served some jail time and all have been released back to society with a new level of infamy. Anthony is the only one who has some probation to finish and who will have other conditions with her for a long time. But, the process of re-entry after any formal probation or incarceration is a difficult one.

People do well in prison and on probation because of the accountability. Once that accountability is lifted it is up to an individual to remember what they learned and how to translate that into free life. There are two components that make up a successful re-entry: FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS and COMMUNITY TIES.  This is why visiting people inside prison and keeping in touch is so important. The fact is that over 95% of all people incarcerated in the U.S. will be released and most in less than less than 5 years. This means that we must do a better job to empower people and help them learn from their mistakes and pasts.

There are resources for some of those coming back to society but they are few and far between. Imagine you were coming back to a free society with little money, no job and a family to support? It is no wonder why so many people wind up in trouble again. This is compounded for a person like Lohan who has a definite target on her back. Just look at what went on last week with an alleged hit and run that resulted in a demand for money of course. Life will be difficult and everyday things can get in the way and even trip you up. My advice- be cautious and stick to some sort of routine that works with it’s own accountability. That could mean continued therapy, substance abuse programs and even something as simple as exercise and support groups. Whatever works!

I often coach people who are re-entering society and they are much more difficult than preparing people for prison. Freedom when you have lost is even more enticing and of course sweeter. But, it is a task to learn how to experience it and appreciate it properly. As I say, change is possible but it always takes hard work. You go Lindsay!


Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert and legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeared on shows from Today to Fox News. She may be reached at 




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2 responses to “Lindsay Lohan and the target she wears as she re-enters society

  1. I work with formerly incarcerated individuals daily. The greatest challenge I see is a transformation of attitudes. Regardless of the crime, if you beat yourself up or you live with self-pity or condemnation, you lose the fight to reenter society and become a law-abiding citizen. Why? There are too many traps waiting to collapse in on you. You have to find a way to see the picture you are painting. You just left jail or the slammer. This is a book of your life that closes a chapter. Create or envision in your mind that you are writing the book of your life and you want to have a happy ending. So, start from where you are now…not where you have been. Believe that the best is yet to come. Focus on positive thinking because you are going to need lots of it. Accept the fact that a mistake big or small was made and how do I grow or learn from it to make myself better? Sink or swim. Smile or frown. Laugh or cry. Attitude is the biggest part of overcoming the hurdle you are about to jump or crash over. Stay positive when it doesn’t really seem logical. Good things start happening when you least expected but remained constant in spirit and truth. You matter and you have to believe you can make a difference on broken pieces. Somebody needs you just like you need them. Look up and live. Hang around positive folks…ONLY. Steer away from trouble. Don’t give up. Appreciate the SECOND CHANCE.

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