Caylee Anthony and Trayvon Martin- Wake up Florida!

Surprise, surprise. Casey Anthony has found religion… Casey Anthony has managed to get herself back into the news yet again. This time the website Radar Online ran an “exclusive” story that Casey has found religion. Of course! This often happens when people are in prison or on probation but Casey manages to make it all about her. So much for the wonderful therapy she is supposed to be receiving.

As we all know, Antony is on formal probation and must check in with her probation officer once a month in person. She also is required to have a job and/or attend school. In typical Anthony fashion she is “attending” online courses. And yet, the interesting thing is that she appears to be paying her bills and in good standing with her probation officer. How is this possible? Let’s not forget that she has IRS liens and owes the State of Florida money for the investigation into the death of her daughter Caylee. Is she paying these debts- NO. But, she is paying her Internet provider.

What is wrong with law enforcement in Florida? First, there was the weak and flawed investigation and then the Probation error! The people of Florida should demand better. Sad to say but now the Casey Anthony case is not the most famous case in Florida. Sadly we now have the murder of Trayvon Martin. That is yet another botched investigation. Enough is enough. How many children need to die? Yes, this is Florida where Adam Walsh was murdered in the 1970’s. In that case his father, John Walsh, became a one-man crusade to stop child abuse and other violent crimes. We must all learn from him and use Casey Anthony the way she uses the media and us. Use her to shine the light on child abuse and neglect. FIVE children die everyday in the United States from abuse or neglect. Five children we did not protect.

Hundreds of people have sent letters to the U.S. Attorney and FBI about the Casey Anthony case, and thousands have signed a petition through There is also a wealth of information on The Caylee Daily. We must make changes to our criminal justice system, and we must speak out. We need Equal Justice and we need it now. This is not the time for mistakes or sloppy behavior. Now is the time for change. After all, this is an election year and the time to demand more. Call your local representative and visit to learn how to prevent child abuse.

Wendy Feldman is a criminal justice expert and legal coach. She is available for private consultation on how to prepare for a successful incarceration, probation and re-entry. She is also available for media commentary and has appeard on shows from Today to Fox News. She may be reached at 




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5 responses to “Caylee Anthony and Trayvon Martin- Wake up Florida!

  1. JanCorey

    Caylee drown in a swimming pool as proven in court. Tryvon died from being where he wasn’t supposed to be.

    • Sabrra

      No, Caylee died as a result of being where she was not supposed to be. Trayvon died as a result of an armed person who targeted hiabr.

  2. Hilde

    FACT: Drowning Theory was never proven in Court therefore was not to be used as Evidence in this Case according to Judge Belvin Perry.

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