Need help with substance abuse- RESOURCES!!!

Lately we are reading so much about substance abuse and of course the case of Whitney Houston. The problem is that while may of us acknowledge the problem, very few of us know where to get help and how to do it. It is not as simple as going to an AA meeting or watching Intervention on TV. This is a real life problem that needs real solutions. Just as I offer alternatives to my prison consulting clients, I offer these ideas to those suffering with addiction themselves or have a loved one in crisis.

I often write that when you have a platform you have an obligation to not just point out what is wrong but offer solutions. Here are a few resources that may indeed offer many people the path to find a solution and the needed help. Remember, the first step is reaching out and asking for this help. Another step is to OFFER help even when it is not wanted. It takes little time to “Reach out and Touch.” Give it a try.

Remember that addiction does not discriminate. Addicts come in all colors sizes and sexual orientations. Rich or poor, without help the end result is the same. We must speak out and take the stigma off addiction. See below for some treatment programs and ideas that I know can work and will be effective given the right fit.

Salvation Army

Phoenix House

Cri Help-

Betty Ford Center-

Recovery Found– Intervention assistance

The White House Department of Health and Human Resources

Remember in many cases people wind up incarcerated and many of these could have been spared this by getting the help they need. That is the goal. To end our incarceration nation so we can focus on the crimes that deserve to be in prison, not the drug crimes of small time addicts. Addicts need help and proper treatment. Change is possible if we all work together.





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