What Now Casey Anthony?

As usual there are numerous stories floating around about Casey Anthony, a book deal and other investigations. Here is what I can tell you:

Anthony has her regular meeting with her probation officer this week. Usually the process is a review of what a person has been up to the past month, any conditions there were supposed to follow and updates. For most, this is a standard process. But, as well all know, Anthony is anything but “normal”. As a true crime INSIDER I smell a rat.

There are the Internet video blogs that contradict her probation statements and there is the fact she is dating a former felon. A big NO NO. Now come rumors that she has indeed received a large sum of money but did not declare that to the Feds or her probation officer. Before I go on, keep in mind that try as I might, much of this is still rumor and can’t be fully confirmed. After all, Casey is shady!


The video’s that Anthony released herself state that she PURCHASED the computer with her own money- hmmm- she told in writing her probation officer that she had no money or job and was enrolling in school.


Casey has been “dating” a former convicted felon and did not disclose that on her probation report.


Hundreds of people have sent letters to the U.S. Attorney and FBI about this case. And thousands have signed a petition through change.org.


The financial criminal aspect of this case, aka- where is Anthony getting her money from- is being investigated. Law enforcement will never confirm or deny such early stage investigations, but it looks as if several agencies are in fact looking into various matters.


Casey Anthony just can’t keep her mouth shut and will be her own demise!!!


Casey has already received several hundred thousand dollars for the video blogs and more.

As this case still captures our thoughts and imaginations, I am sure we will all stay tuned. I know I am looking into this and have stated on various talk shows that I BELIEVE Anthony will violate her probation before the one-year is up. I am sticking to that prediction.

There is also a wealth of information on The Caylee Daily.

In the meantime, take this case on shine the light on the fact that FIVE children die of abuse or neglect everyday in the United States. For more information and where you can help go to www.childhelp.org.

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17 responses to “What Now Casey Anthony?


    Caylee is waiting!

    Caylee’s Warriors, seeing that all those online petitions are getting us nowhere, let’s take this fight outside of facebook. I mention all justice fighters print out the petition, go out to streets, shopping-malls, kids’ schools, parties, gatherings, meetings, to work … to collect actual signatures for a federal trail of ‘Anthony Murder Case’. – Then we’ll send the petition to the White House, or the U.S Supreme Court.

    We need to pick out one of the existing online petitions, the one has collect the most online signatures. Any suggestion?

    • Karla Sanchez

      My Suggestion? Stop wasting your time. Move on to something you can do something about. She can’t be tried in Federal Court for Murder. Quit hanging on every little nitty gritty detail that can be twisted to make Casey appear all the more evil. The petitions with any hope (lies to FBI) have been sent, they were rejected
      I lost a child to illness. You didn’t & don’t care about him. You don’t care about any other child except Precious Caylee and that is so hurtful to us moms that have lost children.
      Casey isn’t going to harm anyone. Leave her alone. As a single mom, I could use your help but you’d rather run around the mall and have people sign a petition for a lost cause. How about finding my sons dead beat father who hasn’t paid child support in 3 years?

      • This is not about one child. I am sorry for your loss. But, as a collective we can change for the greater good. BTW- you are right. She will not be tried for murder. How about IRS?!

  2. wow. i’m no anthony supporter, but you are dead wrong on the majority of your “facts.”. she didn’t get paid for the videos..and she’s dating a much older, much more local man..not rob hensley in another state!

    • Wendy

      Sounds like a supporter to me ..gross

      • Read more carefully. The post is about child abuse and how to make a change in our system.

      • Karla Sanchez

        What a childish answer Wendy. Just because someone disagrees or has anything not negative to say about Casey they are a supporter.
        and what is your claim to fame Miss Wendy? What have you done to make a childs LIFE better? I know the answer. In all likelyhood, you do little more than seek every taudry bit of information on Casey you can, and insult the people who have learned to move forward, and not live in the best obsessing over ONE DEAD TODDLER! Nothing, but sit around and make hateful or stupid comments. Life is precious, do something good for a child that is living.

      • Well you must not read my blog or books. I speak about solutions. Visit childhep.org or another community service entity.

  3. jenni shinn

    I look forward to your analysis. Have read through some of your writings and while I may not agree with everything you say, you are thoughtful and honest in your opinions. Can’t ask for more than that!

  4. Beverley

    Fact is, when your dealing with any of the Anthonys, the are all strangers to the truth. They will hide money, they will continue to protect her no matter what she does. They have proven themselves through the trial, they are all liars…they allowed themselves to let Caylee down…that’s like selling your soul to the devil, and they did. They stumbled on the stand, they put on a theatrical show, oh yeah…and committed perjury….this family are all alike, they are disgusting people, making money off their deceased granddaughter….they are living a life they at one tome only dreamed of…that says alot about their morals, and standards…there is none !

  5. John Sniper

    I used to think Wendy was credible. The crap she spews hurts justice for Caylee. It does NOT help. Sit down and shut up.

  6. Since when was Twitter considered a reliable source of information.
    Who she alledgedly dates in cyberspace is of no interest to the average person. Too many people using this pos’s noteriety to further their own agenda. As for the IRS its likely she is in some sort of negotiation about it, If you were up to speed you’d note she paid off some of her court costs on January 1st. She is not on parole, she is on probation and as such she is not prohibited from dating or consorting with previous felons. Read her probation order. She is prohibited from KNOWINGLY CONSORTING WITH PEOPLE INVOLVED IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. The solution as far as this narcisist is concerned is to ingore her. She has no story worth telling. She has no life worth documenting. But if you choose to do that, do it on credible sources not attention seekers hiding behind Twitter hats.

  7. I can speak for myself-
    Karla, it’s not that we hate Casey-This is about our justice system failing a two year old innocent child and how dare you minimize her death by saying people are ‘obsessing over ONE DEAD TODDLER’? How dare you! That’s one too many. Theres so much evidence beyond a resonable doubt in this case it blows Americans minds away literally that she’s free. It’s an outrage that conspeiracy, lying to the Feds, the State Police, attempting to move/tamper with a corpse, proven perjury, fake non profit funds making millions,and NO ONE remembers Caylee in that family. Like she never existed. And if you cant understand just this little comment by itself, let alone everything else, then keep saying ‘just leave her alone’ ‘she’s innocent’-What proof do you have she’s innocent? Did you see someone else murder her? Like you say ‘no one saw Casey do it’ SO WHAT?!? No one saw anyone else either-Death band hairs just don’t appear in the trunk of a car reaking of decomposition on their own. George didn’t abandon the car. But yes, all 4 knew Caylee was gone mid July 2008. So either poop or get off the pot lady. Good and Evil-easy to see which side you have chosen.

  8. Yes, about 5 Federal Laws were broken by the Anthonys and NO CHARGES-Justice is my goal-

  9. kara

    Casey killed her daughter and she knows it. I want to see the look on Baez face when he finds out she did do it. I hope she rots for the rest of her life. She can run but she cannot hide from her self. And I doubt she can live with her self.
    Caylee is crying out from her grave. for the truth to come out.

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