Guess who is back in the news??? Casey Of course…

Stay tuned for some inside scoop on what Casey Anthony has been up to, and what will be landing her back in the slammer soon. Yes, the Feds have been notified and I will address that as well. Coming tomorrow…


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25 responses to “Guess who is back in the news??? Casey Of course…

  1. Do keep us updated. Thanks.

  2. Ginger

    I sincerely doubt casey will be back in jail. We can keep hoping & praying til the cows come home but NO ONE…..and I mean NO ONE will make her or her family suffer consequences that anyone else would suffer for doing what they have done and are doing.

    I even think her probation officer & the female judge are dirty now cuz if it were me, I would have had her behind bars already! Not these two gals. And the judge keeps giving casey & her atturdies free rein over & over again!

    But I will check in here tomorrow just to see if by some small miracle someone has the cojones to take her to task. Then her family needs to be next for PERJURY.

    • Tami Lecompte

      Personally I do agree with you.. As much as I have tried I dont really want to say it but its so apparent we are fighting a losing battle..Its sad but its so obvious..But would love more than anything to watch her and her dumb ass family to be brought down to justice for that precious child who had to die at a very young age.. And if Casey is so innocent then why dont those idiotic Anthony s go out and find what really happened to Caylee. oh but I forgot its plain as day, Casey did this and they all know she did so why bother..They certainly dont give a rats a$$ if Caylee gets justice as long as they have blood money coming in…!!!!!

  3. Sami

    Now really? Are the Feds going to do even ONE thing about her and her family? Don’t forget, their name is Anthony, people look the other way, they do not care that she killed her baby. If the Feds are stepping in, then I hope to God they see by all of the evidence that she needs to be tried again. And it does seem that the probation officer is turning the other way. She clearly violated probation and no one did a thing about it. What is going on? People everywhere are questioning that.

  4. gayle rogers

    why would they put thier favorite SNITCH back in jail/?

  5. Tracy in Minnesota

    Casey should be in jail for life as we speak. There is no reason for her to be out and about in Society. She did the crime and she needs to pay the time. Rot in hell Casey. Karma will come back around…IT ALWAYS DOES.

  6. Crabby Abbey

    There was no prosecutorial misconduct. Her lawyer lied in open court repeatedly. And the twelve idiots from Pinellas County couldn’t piece together obvious evidence. I’m glad she’s miserable, holed up somewhere.

  7. Kathy Sherman

    Your misleading article was dated Jan 29 and says the issues will be addressed tomorrow….umm, that was yesterday. Gawd I hate to be led to a blog under false pretenses. If you have news spill it if not then stop regurgitating all of the old news that we are all aware of.

  8. Jaye

    Richard Hatch goes to jail for tax evasion but not Teflon Casey. But even teflon wears away…

  9. Patrick

    What’s happening with the story? What’s up with the Feds? Is she going to jail or not?

  10. jessica

    Its more bs by people that don’t know anything. Just looking for publicity for themselves. Get a real story, she is in hiding shes nothing coming out any time soon. The video diarys were all linked by Casey herself. She got paid for them, by some sleazy news people.

  11. When does tomorrow happen? I can predict as good as the next and I can be shot down by the unexplainable that continues to allow this pos, whoever is representing her & family to play the system. It boils down at this point to getting away with murder, perjury and lies…this child, Caylee was worth more dead than alive to all involved, but then that is my own opinion. So how many more children will be non-protected by the system??? Oh and for the social workers that waited until after the trial, (three years late) to submit a report of neglect, WTG!! Sleep well at night do ya??
    Hope you didn’t have to wait too long in the Friday payline!

  12. casey anthoy and family have been lieing all along and casey anthoy now has commited 23 crimes sence befor the trial and needs to be re tryed for all 23 crimes as well as the jury memebers and her attys should be tryed fore all 23 crimes togather starting with murder 1 2 manslaughter of a child 3 aggravated manslaughter of a child 4 aggravated child abuse 5 and child negelct 6 premeditated murder 7obstruction of justis 9 giveing false information 10 bribeing jury members as well as mother and daughter from out side the court house and from out side the court room and paying them in cash for information on peopal with in the court room and tempering with witnesses and pergy and furgey forgeing her name on bad checks and stealing money and cumputer hacking and insider tradeing and grand theft auto and fore accounts of lieing to police and law inforcement and the attys for casey anthoy are with holding information in the murder casey told all of jose baez and chiny mason and dorthy clay simms and elizbeath fryer and linda kenny boden and andera lyons are conplicst in this murder casey told them how were and when she killed caleey and were she put her and told her attys to lie for her and give her time to get away with it so that law inforcement could not get any thing on her thanks sincelery james scruggs

  13. angela

    ok its been longer then a day later…. whats the info on federal charges?

  14. cecelia

    No updates yet…. darn i was hoping…. she can’t keep hiding, one of these days karma will get her since the pinellas pinheads let her go scot-free

  15. cecelia

    i won’t call them idiots but they sure are lazy slackers who couldn’t understand their instructions (OK so maybe they ARE idiots) didn’t ask to see a thing (except the dessert lady) and just wanted to go home. hopefully karma doesn’t smack them down if one of their loved ones are ever murdered i hope the perp gets a jury just llike theirs

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