Joe Paterno and true change- Time ran out!!!


Why is this so confusing to people? I am not happy Joe Paterno passed away. Now he will be held accountable to the ultimate authority. Whatever your religious beliefs we must now all look at the issues Paterno and his silence and now his death bring up. There seems little doubt that he was in some way part of a cover-up. That could mean a true cover-up where information is hidden or a cover-up by OMISSION. That is a handshake not to disclose what he knew and when. Maybe it even meant urging others not to go to the police.

The actual facts regarding Paterno will never be known. We do know that for over 10 years various Penn State officials knew about a child RAPE, a criminal complaint and massive inappropriate behavior.

SO, what now? Joe Paterno the legendary coach of Penn State football has died at age 85. Did he do a KEN LEY? Yes, I did just say that!!! Who was Ken Lay? He was the CEO of ENRON. Lay died of a heart attack just as he was facing massive criminal charges and public scrutiny. Remember???

I am not comparing the actual crimes of Lay to the alleged poor behavior of Paterno. I am comparing their misguided moral compass, their grandiosity and their narcissism. The fact of the matter is that both had created what looked to be amazing legacies that in the end were tarnished by their poor choices. That is called CONSEQUENCES. Unfortunately neither had the time to make changes and reinvent themselves. Neither accepted responsibility for certain actions and both left their families with more than a mixed bag of public opinion and outrage.

I know that this may be a controversial opinion. That is the great thing about having been the person who made poor choices and has been lucky enough to have the time to flip the switch and make positive changes. The point is whether your name is Stewart, Lay, Feldman or Paterno- there are consequences and prices to be paid.

Here is hoping that people remember the good and the bad about Joe Paterno so we can all learn a lesson. After all, many believe that it takes a catastrophic event to make true change. In this case, I do hope that Paterno rests in peace. I also hope that all of us learn that there is NO excuse for child abuse. We must hold each other accountable and take action.



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