How Long Until Casey Anthony and her poor dog are in trouble???

UPDATE: Why is CAsey making her “hideout” public? Countdown to her return to jail…

As my readers know, I have been respectful of the fact that Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder. This does not mean I feel she is not guilty. But now, Anthony and her team of losers have gone too far. How predictable!

Sad but true, many offenders return to prison on probation violations. It looks like Casey will be no different. This at least because of the additional Videos she “released” this week. What a mess and how STUPID! And, now her hiding place is out as are pictures of her dog? Hello Humane Society.

Let’s address why I think this was so foolish first and then we will get to the stories the tapes tell.

Casey Anthony is on ‘Supervised Probation.  That means that she has strict accountability including checking in monthly with her probation officer, filing an income/loss statement, having a job or going to school and other things. In her last official released probation statement, Anthony claimed she had started online classes but did NOT have a job. Yet, on the video that was allegedly made two months ago, Anthony states that she bought the computer with her own money. WHAT MONEY??? This, from a woman who told her probation officer she had no job. Any money she earns must be accounted for because she has liens from the IRS and the State of Florida. SO, these videos are either showing her lying about where the computer came from or she lied on her probation report. Neither scenario is good for her.

Next, the tapes tell a story. Months ago I wrote about how the Jail House tapes of her family visit told a story of a very twisted family. Not just Casey, all of them. I received lots of angry comments and mail. But, of course it turned out during the trial that this family does have problems and many secrets. Hey, even perjury by momma Cindy Anthony! But, these new tapes of Casey show that she has learned NOTHING, has no remorse and obviously is severely mentally ill. After all, she talks about how she gets to have a camera and a phone! Hello, you had that in jail and in court. And, she talks about needing things of her own! Nothing about Caylee of course, and worse yet, nothing about wanting to lead a good and productive life. Let’s not forget that she did spend almost 4 years in jail for FRAUD. So, she is a felon and she should be trying to change.

As a prison coach and expert, I see amazing change everyday. Cases like Casey Anthony bring an even worse name to the rest of us. This insider suggests that Casey Anthony and her “team” get it together. But, don’t worry. I am sure her probation officer and others are on the case. Something else will pop big time, and soon. How sad and what a waste of our time and money. Get Real Casey Anthony, but I will save my Incarcerventions for those who care and can change. Look, I am not expecting Casey Anthony to practice some true Restorative Justice, but anything positive would be a start. I just do not see it.

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11 responses to “How Long Until Casey Anthony and her poor dog are in trouble???

  1. I think she should go back to jail. She don’t even talk about poor little caylee the bitch knows she did it but it’s still all about her
    She don’t deserve to be on the streets free she should be on death chair.I pray to God little caylee is haunting her ass everyday.So Sad Rip Caylee gone but not forgotten.

  2. I do agree with Your Post and also believe that Casey Anthony hasn’t made a Change for the better. She seems to be the same Person who hasn’t learned a thing and isn’t taken Advantage of the second Change she was given with the Not Guilty Verdict.
    The Truth and Casey Anthony are indeed Strangers.
    I don’t see how all of this can have a good Ending for her, however it will be up to her what kind of Life she will have from now on. She can make it better or worse. For the Rest of us, we will go on living our Life. It is a Waste of our time to follow hers which seems to be a train wreck in Progress. JMO

  3. theou

    According to the examiner on line her boyfriend is the one that leaked the videos and he has a criminal record – that should throw her back into jail fast if its true

  4. Jules

    I hope the babykiller rots in hell. Maybe she will overdose since we all know she was a drugee before jail and I am sure she can’t wait to get high now. She is such a lowlife that she doesn’t even talk about Caylee. It is all about her. She never loved Caylee and she drugged her up so she could party and screw. She is screwing her josie(attorney) and his relative that is her new boyfriend. Josie you never dissappoint us by being the scumbag you have always been. You are so dumb and you look like a rat bastard. You are also a fat bastard and whine when you talk. You are as worthless as your girlfriend the babykiller. You will rot in hell with your babykiller girlfriend.

  5. Nina

    Casey has and never will change….She has no memory of Caylee, thats odvious…She has always been about one person and that is herself…She strives on attention and the news is still giving it to her…I am sure she got a big giggle out of getting off scott free like she did….This story needs to be buried and then maybe she will disappear and bury herself……Caylee and so many children have suffered at the hands of there own parents..Casey should of never walked like she did…I look back on this case and I still get angry how it turned out…She really got away with murder …….She derserved to be locked out for the rest of her life ….Now she can do all the things she does best,being her own rotton self…..This women is a low life and always will be…..

  6. unclepaul

    I too agree with your personal/professional assessment of the Convicted Felon. She is a career criminal and will not change for the better. She can’t. Looks like her Bella Vita isn’t going so well. ~laughing hysterically ~

  7. People!! You can’t go believing everything you hear & see. Have you not learned this by now? First of all, I highly doubt Casey would have chosen this video for her big debut! LMAO! Come ON! I think it’s pretty obvious that this vid was not intended for public release. If this felon was her bf and any of her team/care takers knew of it, a background check would have, likely, been done and dude would have been banished from the scene. So, I’d say it’s unlikely his legal stats were known, if this guy was even her bf to begin with.

    The video was not a good depiction of Casey in ANY way. It was 4 mind long and not intended for any of us to see.

    been. over

    been over 3 years since her daughter disappeared

    • Jayden Black

      How can you possibly believe the ‘story’ that she made the video blog for thearpy , she carries on and on about new stuff for herself so she can reflect upon in the future > for therapy (yeah right) tisk, tisk.~ If she didn’t release it or have knowledge of it’s release why have her lying defense team pieces of crap turned on her and have been so quiet about it ~ even so far as quit the case and left her before they collected from their cash cow? A good depiction of Casey is in jail house blues and Cindy in the next cell!

  8. susan Linda

    Update – on top of these other things you mention that could land her back in jail, what about her committing perjury while on probation? She has denied UNDER OATH in a sworn statement any knowledge of TES searching for Caylee. – an obvious lie as she was even wearing the TES t shirt the day she was arrested and also there were witnesses in the home when TES and Casey were there.

  9. Patricia

    The Florida probation department has bent over backwards to protect her. They won’t do anything about this – just watch!!

  10. cecelia

    No consequences for the lies and murder of beautiful Caylee so WHY? would any of us think she’ll be held accountable for anything? She won’t… not on this earth anyway, but when you sell your soul to the devil there will be hell to pay and she’s racked up a much larger debt with the evil one than she has the state of Fl, IRS, TES

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