Could Rod Blagojevich and Jerry Sandusky be cellmates?

As a prison consultant and coach I prepare people and their families for prison and re-entry. But, I do not work with violent offenders and those who have harmed children. Mainly I work with people who have committed white-collar crimes, drug crimes and of course political corruption. So, ordinarily the chances of my clients being bunkmates with a Sandusky type are slim. But, this week we had two well-known “white collar” criminals receive sentences of more than ten years. Rod Blagojevich and Raj Rajaratnam. Actually, Raj began his 11 year Federal Prison term this week, while Blago was sentenced to 14 years in Federal Prison and will begin in February.

Federal Prison Camp vs Medium security

First of all let’s clear up the myths and the differences between a Federal Camp and higher security levels. In the Federal system a “camp” is where mainly non-violent offenders serve their time. This is where I served my time and other well-known people like Martha Stewart and Steve Madden. A camp has no cells and no fences. Bathrooms are down the hall and you can move around “freely” doing allowed hours. In fact, a camp operates on the honor system. An odd concept in that you are still in prison and must obey the rules. Camps are designed to deter people from making the choice to lose their freedom while offering those who begin at higher security levels a semi transition back to society. Really, they are a secret world and an odd one at that. The usual rule is that a person who receives a sentence of ten years and under is “camp eligible” assuming the crime is non-violent. But, this week illustrates that white collar criminals better get real and club fed no longer exists.


Jerry Sandusky and the Blago connection

I have predicted that the Feds will ultimately charge Jerry Sandusky. This because he most likely took children across state lines, and as is typical with disgraceful cases like his, probably is into Internet porn as well. As Blago received 14 years he is NOT going to a Federal Prison Camp to begin his term. Rather, he will go to what is called a FCI. This is the type of prison Bernie Madoff is in. Mainly these prisons have people who have committed drug crimes but also more heinous acts including murder and child rape. This is hardcore. Not MSNBC lock-up but no joke. Triple bunks included. So, is it possible that Sandusky and Blago end up in the same slammer? Odd as it may seem, yes! This because big mouth Blagojevich received such along prison term. The thought of these two sharing bunk space may seem odd and is, but so is prison. Remember, prison is the ULTIMATE EQUALIZER.

Blago, next time you will listen to me and any others out there, beware and get real. This means YOU Jon Corzine. Incarcerventions needed.



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