Why I dislike Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton!!!

Hi Haters!!!

Before you judge me for speaking out on this topic, remember my blog is always opinionated and often controversial. When word of Ashton’s book came out, I wrote a blog titled Look who is Dancing with the Devil Now…Then, as now, I am questioning why people are so quick to judge the jury in the Casey Anthony case and not the prosecution. After all it is the prosecution who has the OBLIGATION to put their best efforts into convicting the defendant.

Now we have former prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who LOST the Casey Anthony case, on every show in America promoting his new book. At last the book is here. What a joke. This book and all of the media who pretend to like it and Ashton, is full of how bad Anthony is. Please Jeff, tell me more things I didn’t know. Of course Casey Anthony is awful, her actions illegal and careless and maybe she murdered her daughter and got away with it. At the very least, she acted in ways that no normal mother would ever understand or empathize with. But, that is not the point. Ashton and his team of lawyers had a case to win and they LOST.

Why did Ashton loose the case? I have always said arrogance and grandiosity. Two patterns of behavior in criminal thinking. Hmmm. Something he and Casey Anthony may have in common. Now we have more of the same from newly crowned media whore wanna be Jeff Ashton. He is smug, flip and blaming others on talk programs, instead of admitting that he bears some responsibility for the freedom of Anthony.

Remember, you cannot convict somebody of 1st degree murder simply because they get a tattoo and lie. Look at the population of people charged with crimes. They are all lying about something. The point is what and proving that.

Books like Ashton’s should tell a story and offer solutions and resources so that another child will not die and be treated the way Caylee Anthony was. The Jeff Ashton book does not. It is simply a tell all about his obsession Casey Anthony and a little about his other obsession Jose Baez. Jealous anybody?

Next time you spend money on a book ask two questions: what will I learn that helps make positive change and is the writer now shining a light on a greater cause like child abuse? Jeff Ashton YOU have committed a crime. You have misused your platform and helped nobody. Well, maybe not a crime, but your actions and lack thereof are a shame. People wise up and spend your time and money on helping children in need and stopping child abuse. There are great organizations like Child Help that can make a difference.

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7 responses to “Why I dislike Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton!!!

  1. terri

    I must respectfully disagree with your analysis. I think Mr. Ashton more than proved his case, but because of Baez’s underhanded tactics of throwing George under the bus combined with a lazy jury that is the only reason there was a not guilty verdict. Just think back to Casey’s first phone call home when she said “all they want is Caylee back.” To me that spoke volumes that Casey was indeed guilty of her daughters murder.

  2. Your Post is interesting to read, You are as passionate with Your Opinion than I am with mine, although they are different.
    I am reading Jeff Ashton’s Book at this time. Most of it I already knew since I followed that Case from the Beginning. Of course Jeff Ashton is not perfect, just like any of us. I do however believe the Prosecution did the best they could with what was allowed to come in at the Trial.
    Naturally I am sure they believe some things could have been done a little different, at the same time it wouldn’t have made any difference with what the Outcome was.
    Baez and Gang used underhanded Tricks, which they couldn’t back up to be the Truth, to win that Case. They are they ones who were arrogant and made up fictional Stories to muddy the potential Jury.
    They are the ones who leaked Stories to the Media which had absolutely nothing to do with the Truth.
    They took every Chance they had to make Comments to the Media about the Case and than accused the Prosecution to leak Information when indeed Baez and Gang were guilty of doing just that.
    I personally have no Respect for Baez and Gang when it comes to how they won that Case!
    It was unethical in many Ways say the least and nothing to be proud of.
    I have no Problem with Jeff Ashton’s Book and him telling his Side of what happened in this Case. We have a Choice to read it or not.
    I do know I am not interested in anything Baez or Casey Anthony and family have to say. We have heard enough Lies from them to last a Lifetime, leave alone paying for hearing more of the same and help them making Money.
    Jeff Ashton has a Right to tell his Side of the Story and I believe he does it in good Taste without Fiction and outright Lies.

  3. I believe there occurred human Errors in the Course of the Investigation in this Case, for Instance the Search were Caylee’s Remains were eventually found. No one actually searched in that exact Location and for some Reason it was assumed the Area was searched since it was a obvious Location to be searched.
    That Mistake was to the Advantage of Casey Anthony, she must have been relieved knowing every one missed that Place were she dumped her Daughter Caylee’s little Body like Trash.
    She got again lucky when the Hurricane hit and that Area now was under Water. The more time passed and Caylee’s Body wasn’t found the better it was for Casey Anthony. Now Caylee’s Remains for sure would be skeletonized and therefore no Cause of Death could be determined, again in Casey Anthony’s Favor.
    The Defense took Advantage of those Errors and went on from there with their fictional Theories and the Rest we all know.
    It’s a Shame the Way this Case ended up and Caylee’s Murder went unpunished because of human Errors by People involved in this Case. Casey Anthony walked free because of that and that can’t be changed, indeed it is a imperfect Justice for the Victim Caylee Marie Anthony.
    My Hope is that we can learn from this Case and eventually there will be Justice for Caylee and All the other innocent Victims who never received their Justice on this Earth.
    That all being said I do not hold Jeff Ashton responsible for the Outcome of the Trial, I believe he and his team did the Best they could do get Justice for Caylee, they were on the Victims Side and fought for her to the End.

  4. Porchie the Cat

    This is the best response ever. Captures my views perfectly and I’m glad that I’m not the only level headed person out there in regards to wrongful convictions. You need hard evidence, and Ashton failed to connect the dots in a meaningful way. It was all speculation at the end of the day, and luckily the jury knew how they were supposed to respond.

  5. Omega

    Ashton has always been HOT AIR! His record as a deputy prosecutor was made on the backs of indigent Black and White defendants who were represented by inept public defendants. In those cases where a defendant had the funds to hire a competent attorney to defendant them, Ashton was beaten badly. Indeed, just after the Anthony verdict, Ashton lost another case, wherein it was alleged that a woman had killed her boyfriend, then alleged that he committed suicide. Remember this people: Always be very doubtful of ANY deputy prosecutor who boasts a 90% + conviction record. Usually such a record is indicative of a padded record, make off of indigent defendants who were sold out by public defenders.

  6. Omega

    Ms. Feldman had read Jeff Ashton correctly.

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