The Madoff Family stories are more B.S….

Just when we thought it was safe to put the Madoff saga behind us, two new books and several interviews have appeared. I say so what, who cares, but others seem to find this case fascinating. Even Ruth Madoff will be on CBS 60 Minutes.

Stephanie Madoff who was married to Bernie Madoff’s son Mark, has an emotional new book out about the suicide of her husband. While I feel sorry for Stephanie and her young children, the question is why write a book? What’s the take away for the reader? My answer, not MUCH. Now, the other Madoff son Andrew has a book coming out and Ruth Madoff is giving interviews that she and Bernie tried to commit suicide. PLEASE!!! better luck next time!

Lastly, we have good old Bernie Madoff himself giving an interview to Barbara Walters while he is of course in prison for life. This interview was not on camera because the Federal Bureau of Prisons does not allow cameras inside this secret society.

As a true insider, after all I was in Federal Prison and spent years learning how the SEC and FBI work while my case was going on, I can tell you that I do NOT believe these tales. How is it possible that one day the Madoff sons “figured out” old Bernie was a bad seed and the next the FBI arrested him. WHAT? These things take time no matter how much you agree and say you did it. Otherwise everybody could call the FBI make claim and cause chaos! There is a process.

So, why all the Madoff fuss? Two year anniversary anybody? Money needed and just plain vanity.

Yes, it was all about the money and still is. My suggestion buyers beware of ALL of these people and their silly stories. And, I wonder how the victims like seeing Madoffs get so much attention yet again? Many of us have made mistakes and try to learn from them to help others and ourselves lead better lives. I see nothing here but me, me, me all over again. Enough already.

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