Conrad Murray needs to start preparing for prison…

Hello D.E.A. where are you???

The tapes once again say it all. Sad but true for Michael Jackson and soon to be ex-doctor Conrad Murray. The tapes that Murray made of his loaded patient Jackson are tragic and damning. Why would Murray have taped his patient while he was in a clear state of intoxication? The answer is simple. Murray must have believed that he would need this “evidence” one day in case somethinghappened to Jackson. Yet, they only confirm what we already knew, Michael Jackson was addicted to downers. But, the tapes tell a story about Murray and the myopic way he views things. Yep- it’s all about Conrad. Hello EGO. Further evidence of this is on the police interrogation tapes of Murray. It is here that we see Murray trying to manipulate the story while leaving out key elements to the police just as he did with the doctors at the hospital and the 911 responders.

Criminal justice experts understand that there are patterns in criminal thinking and in fact are 8 criminal thinking errors. Three of these spell CONRAD MURRAY- entitlement, grandiosity and mollification. In simple terms, Murray was and is oblivious to where his crimes began and where they will end. To support this I would ask people to think about how Murray may still be charged with Federal Crimes like prescription fraud and obstruction of justice. Where is the DEA???

An ironic part of this case is that Murray is facing so little actual prison time. In the Federal System there are mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. New York State used to have something called the Rockefeller Drug Laws.”This term is used to denote the statutes dealing with the sale of narcotics like heroin and other illegal street drugs. These laws carried heavy mandatory minimums ranging from 15 years to life for selling as little as 56 grams. In 2009, these laws were revised to remove the mandatory minimum and was made retroactive leading to the release of more than 1000 inmates. Of course, most people convicted under the Rockefeller laws were low-income minorities just like the primary defendants in the Federal system where there are also very heavymandatory minimum sentences. These sentences however are  for “illegal” drugs. Murray was pushing and trafficking in prescription drugs and is being tried in California State court and not facing any minimums. As a person who has worked with many people convicted to long sentences on drug crimes and as an advocate for Equal Justice, I can tell you that our prisons are packed with low-level drug dealers who also have addiction problems. These people usually do not have the options and advantages of Conrad Murray.

So, why does Murray need an Incarcervention? Simply put, he is out of control and reckless without showing signs of remorse or any acceptance of responsibility. Look, he’s on trial in the death of his patient and yet he is seen out and about in Los Angeles as if he doesn’t have a care in the world getting pedicures and going to Disneyland. This from a man who should have learned his lesson years ago as he ran out on children, wives and debts. An Incarcervention may have helped sobered him up with a reality check years ago and maybe even resulted in the loss of his license. If so, would Michael Jackson be alive? Maybe or maybe he would have utilized one of his other doctor feel good’s. But, we must remember that Jackson and the Jackson family are not on trial here- Conrad Murray is.

Conrad you need to start preparing for prison. I gave you loads of advice in a previous blog and have made it very clear that your attitude needed to change. But, Conrad you are simply is going to have to learn the hard way that there are consequences for all actions. I would rather spend my time working with somebody who wants to make that change. But, CONRAD MURRAY here is some advice for you- “Look at the man in the mirror.” Like I always say, change is possible but it takes lots of work. And, when you decide you are ready call a good prison coach 1-866-229-8264.

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  1. I love reading these articles because they’re short but inofratmive.

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