Lindsay Lohan is a true repeat offender aka performer!!!

Another day, another court appearance for La Lohan. This is supposed to be a status update, yet as usual, Lohan is in some trouble. Surprise, Surprise. Well not really. Ms. Lohan has learned nothing from her criminal justice experience and consequently nobody else has either. She was ordered to perform community service and attend therapy, but it seems she is having trouble with both. So, now Lohan has transferred to The Red Cross instead of a woman’s shelter to perform her service obligation. How long will this last???

Let’s separate fact from fiction

Lohan was ordered to perform community service at a specific location and for a specific amount of time each session. She has not done this. Yet, many defendants are allowed to choose where they will perform their service and if approved by their probation officer, this is fine. Next Lohan was ordered to attend therapy. It seems she phoned in some therapy appointments and that too must have been approved by her P.O. or she would never have been allowed to travel to Paris recently. See a pattern here? It looks like the entitlement is continuing even on probation.

This would not be tolerated for most people on probation, yet is not a probation violation. So, can the judge throw her in jail? Probably not but she can make it even harder for Lohan.

Community Service and why I believe it is the key to change

If Lohan is to have any chance of staying out of trouble and away from further Incarcerventions, she must learn to accept that she must follow rules and learn accountability. Accountability is what helps people stay on the right track. Extensive Community Service should help Lohan with this. Community service is also important as it helps the offender feel important and build self-esteem. This is something all people re-entering society need. Lohan has been given a true alternative sentence. Yet, she fails to understand just how good she’s got it. One thing is for sure if she does not learn from this court appearance the next one will be worse. After all, she has loads of community service hours left to serve and little time to serve them.

I predict that Ms. Lohan will struggle through this and eventually run into more serious trouble if she does not get the professional help she clearly needs. Slick lawyering and bad behavior usually spell jail at some point. So, stay tuned as this case is far from over.

Lindsay, I have told you before, change is possible but it takes hard work every day.



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  1. What I find so interesting is you could never find this anywehre else.

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