Why the Amanda Knox case will be much different than the re-entry of Casey Anthony.

After a four-year ordeal, United States citizen Amanda Knox is finally heading home. Amanda Knox was convicted in the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007 in Italy. Knox, her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and another man were all convicted and given long Italian prison sentences. But, Knox and her family have denied her involvement and on appeal put up evidence that in fact there was NO DNA evidence to show that Knox was at the crime scene. In fact, the crime scene itself was contaminated and not properly preserved.

But, while the Italian media made Amanda Know into a villainess, the U.S. media has supported Knox and her family. Yet, it is clear that Knox herself acted in a very bizarre way after the murder at the crime scene. She was even seen kissing her boyfriend and doing cartwheels!!! Further, at her trial her statement that she read showed little empathy for the death of her former roommate and lots of grandiosity on Knox’s part. This did not win her any Italian fans and one would have hoped that she would have been coached better.

Yet, Amanda Knox will re-enter U.S. society as somewhat of a cult hero, and is sure to sign lucrative book and interview deals. So, why is America embracing her while we turned away from Casey Anthony? After all, both women were eventually acquitted of murder yet both have displayed very bizarre behavior to say the least.

I can tell you that the answer is simple. We are rooting for Knox in part because her family is so likeable and the Anthonys were not.  The Knox family is an asset where the Anthony’s were all one big liability. Further, the Casey Anthony case involved the death of a child and a mother who seemingly had no remorse. But, the two women do share the difficult transition back into society after spending several years in jail. This is not an easy process for anybody.

Re-entry is the key to changing our criminal justice system. In fact, without a successful re-entry many are bound to find their way back to jail and prison in other cases. The two main factors in a successful re-entry are family ties and community relations. My bet is that the Knox family will provide what is necessary to help their daughter. This is where Amanda Knox is way ahead of Casey Anthony. And, this is why people will want to read a book by Knox.

Remember, these ladies will be dealing with the trauma of prison for many years, as will their families. I suggest both need extensive therapy and quality support teams. Looking back it seems the Anthony team was looking for only a payday. They quickly found out that there is a big difference between fame and infamy. My advice to all of my clients when they prepare for prison is to begin preparing for re-entry because as I have said many times, Prison is easy, re-entry is tough no matter who you are.

Here is hoping that the Knox team realizes just how difficult a process this is and they get Amanda the help she will surely need for the long term.

Just as I told the Anthony team, there are resources everywhere that can help, but unlike the Anthony team, the Knox team is welcome to call me anytime.

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5 responses to “Why the Amanda Knox case will be much different than the re-entry of Casey Anthony.

  1. offthecuff

    Has Casey even sought re-entry help? It seems that she is hovering in secrecy and those close by want her to remain quiet! I’m not sure how that will help re-entry. Just get exposure, reach out publicly for help, make amends, do probation in a secret location, and get on. Cindy came out, looking the fool. Casey should too.

  2. sophie

    Well, I think there’s also a great deal of difference between these two young women. Casey had a longstanding reputation of lying, manipulation and theft. There was pretty much nothing good you could say about her from middle school onward. She was lazy. She never bothered to finish school. Or work. Maybe vacuumed her mother’s living room once in a while when her mom got on her to do it. Knox doesn’t have this repuation. She was getting an education. She had a good, upstanding, wholesome reputation. Then again, the fact that her family is likeable…and raised a responsible, likeable daughter contrasts with the unlikeable Anthony family who raised a child with no morals or convictions. The apple generally doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. There are major difference in the two women. From the first time I heard about Casey Anthony I felt she was guilty but Amanda I just remember feeling bad for her. Sure Amanda went shopping for underwear the day after it happened but no one found ” how to kill your roommate” on her computer. Casey had so much junk on her computer that made her case even more compelling. Plus she just didn’t seem to care. Iknow if something happened to my daughter I WOULD FREAK OUT!!!

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