Is Conrad Murray the new king of Greed?

The Conrad Murray trial is now underway and it has proved to be more shocking than any of us could have imagined. As somebody who met with Murray, I am not surprised by his arrogance, but am surprised at the harsh reality of just how egregious his behavior was. I am also shocked that his legal team did not “coach” him and prepare him for court better. I assumed that they had hired somebody after talking with me. Wrong! Casey Anthony was better prepared than this.

Let’s look at some facts. I have maintained that Murray was undercharged. After all it is clear that Murray tried to destroy evidence at the crime scene and soon it will become public that he tried to do this at his Houston office as well. This is called Obstruction of Justice and people like Martha Stewart have gone to Federal Prison for it. I still look for a Federal Indictment from the D.E.A. investigation, as there is no doubt that Murray was “trafficking” in narcotics. That may be legal if the client is your patient, but there are laws about how many scheduled prescriptions you can write. And, how did Murray think he could get away with administering Propofol at home without an anesthesiologist?

The other issue is that as a doctor, Murray had an ethical obligation to look after his only patient in a caring and professional way. Knowing that Michael Jackson was an addict should have made him more cautious. But, the facts show that Murray way so incompetent that he did not call 911 or WANT to give mouth to mouth. What??? The audiotape that Murray taped of his patient was probably done so that Murray would have proof that Jackson was using. Proof for what? Why? But, that tape proves Jackson was so high that he was out of his mind, so how can he be blamed for giving himself the lethal dose? He didn’t know what he was even doing.

The case of Conrad Murray proves several things. Greed motivated his working for Jackson and his negligence aided to Jackson’s death. It also shows the giant disparity between Federal drug laws for illegal drugs and sentences in State systems for “legal” prescriptions. But, these prescriptions are only legal if prescribed properly. Let’s be honest, MURRAY is a DRUG PUSHER not better than clients of mine who under Federal Mandatory Minimum laws receive an average sentence of 9 years. Hardly Equal Justice.


I have no doubt that if Murray is not convicted in these cases, he will be convicted and charged with others. He just does not seem to get it and will surely need an Incarcervention at some point. But, it won’t come from me. Conrad Murray is not worth my time and while I always say change is possible, you have to believe you need to change and Murray does not. Just look at him in court and his actions leading to this point.

My advice, Conrad Murray, call a prison consultant now. I can refer you but you are on your own until you start showing some signs of remorse and then practice some Restorative Justice. Get going if you want to save yourself and your numerous kids. Old patterns are hard to break and Greed is not good!


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