It’s Not the trial of Michael Jackson…Been there, done that!


The much-anticipated trial of Dr. Conrad Murray is about to begin as jury selection is narrowed down. The trial, which is expected to last about 5 weeks, promises to be much more than just an ordinary doctor who may have prescribed too much medication. Prescription drug overdoses happen everyday and in many of the cases the prescriptions are NOT from multiple doctors, rather a doctor “feel good.”

In this case, there is little doubt that Michael Jackson was prescribed too many and too much medication. To make matters worse for Murray, his patient was Michael Jackson and many media outlets are billing this as “The Michael Jackson Trial.”

That being said, how is it possible for Conrad Murray to get a fair trial? The good news for Murray is that he has a very experienced and competent legal defense team. There is also a well versed and to the point judge named Michael Pastor.

But, with all of the speculation, the facts do show some ethical if not illegal decisions by Murray. SO, what else can he do and how can he revamp his image in case he is acquitted?

If Conrad Murray were my client I would have already started him on a path of redemption. For Dr. Murray as with anybody facing a trial and prison that is a process. In Murray’s case it is just a slightly different task as he is also dealing with the court of public opinion.

First things first:

Dr. Murray must show humility. This is often difficult for people, high profile or not, who are part of the criminal justice process. After all, there is denial and anger that always comes along with being a criminal defendant. But, humility is the most needed tool people in this situation need.


Dr. Murray must take responsibility for his choices. This in no way means he accepts or admits guilt. It simply means that he must acknowledge, if only to himself at first, that he made mistakes and the consequences have landed him in this situation.


Murray must learn to be quiet and let his lawyers do the talking. That includes any statements to the media and public outings. Sorry Murray but no more You Tube or Disneyland right now.

Tricks of my trade:

For any person in Murray’s shoes it is difficult to give up control and loose the grandiosity and ego that come with being a doctor. But, in order to humanize himself, both for the court and in case he does go to prison, Conrad Murray must follow this road. If clients can’t get to this point on their own I ask them to feel remorse for THEIR own  situation. That always works and if nothing else let’s the outside shine as the inside hopefully catches up. As with all of my clients, a little humility and a lot of vulnerability go a long way.

And if that’s not enough, remember that Prison is the ultimate equalizer!  As I always say: change is possible but it takes lots of work.


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