Is it all about the money, money, money???

Another day, another dollar? Well, not so fast when it comes to white-collar crime. Yet, money does appear to be the motive in many of the murder cases that are capturing our attention right now. This may seem an odd position, but having lived and worked with all types of offenders, money is rarely the motive for crimes that on first look appear to be crimes of financial greed. Think Mike Milken, Martha Stewart and the current case of Raj Rajaratnam. These people have been convicted of financial crimes, yet absolutely did not need the money. In many of these cases it’s more about the arrogance and entitlement.

But, in many current cases like Conrad Murray, Robert Ward and Gary Giordano do appear to be about the MONEY. These three are yet to be convicted but money is for sure in play. With Conrad Murray there is no doubt that he let things go way too far with Michael Jackson because he was being paid $150,000 a month! In the case of Florida ‘millionaire” Ward, it seems his now dead wife was about to testify in a financial case against him and spill secrets that could hurt him. And in the case of Giordano there is that little matter of the “travel insurance” policy taken out on missing Robyn Gardner.

So, can money troubles spell MURDER? Absolutely. While money may not cause one to commit murder, it sure can help people make some extra cash. Just look at the Casey Anthony case and the people surrounding the aftermath. Jose Baez, Cindy and George Anthony and probably Lee Anthony are all looking to cash in. Skeptical? Why else would the Anthony parents go on Dr. Phil and why oh why is Baez “representing” Giordano?

I firmly believe that change is possible in most cases. But, when money is the motive it is very hard to learn that lesson. And, add in the media and we have the crime du jour-fame game greed.


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