Hey T.I.- Prison is easy- Re-entry is hard!!!

Free yesterday and back in the slammer today! Rapper T.I. and his behavior yesterday proved too much for the Feds. This was so predictable. One would think that he would know the rules by now.

T.I. was released from federal prison August 31 and was to report at an Atlanta Halfway House to begin his re-entry back into society yet again. A person may transfer from federal prison to a Halfway House via private transportation, but that mode of transportation must be approved, and so does who is actually transferring the released person. So, surprise, surprise when reports surfaced that T.I. arrived at the Atlanta house in a tour bus followed by several cars in a private “motorcade.” It is obvious that T.I. had been approved to be driven in one of the cars and then went on the tour bus. A big NO NO. The Bureau of Prisons is very particular about how people behave while they are in the custody of a Halfway House.

T.I. has a long history with the Feds. In fact, he served a very light seven months in Federal prison in 2009 after he was arrested for trying to by guns from an undercover Federal agent. This after he served time on other charges going back to 1998. The 2009 sentence was a revolutionary Alternative Sentence that combined light prison time with house arrest and community service. In that case T.I. was looking at a 10-year prison term. Yet, T.I. did not learn his lesson despite a reality show called The Road To Redemption and was sent back to prison in 2010 for violating probation in that case.

Now it seems T.I. is at it again. So, how do we explain this? SIMPLE- he has an utter lack of humility. The key ingredient in life after prison is a level of humility. It is the same thing I coach people to practice during their investigative phase and a trial. Hello Blago and Conrad Murray listen up!

The main message here is that we need judges to keep offering alternative sentences to people and yet cases like T.I. make it difficult for them. But hey, at least we have Michael Vick and a true example of humility, Restorative Justice and hard work.

Successful re-entry is possible, but just as I said on Nancy Grace, Prison is easy, re-entry is tough. T.I., change is possible keep working on it.

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