Look who really is Dancing with the Devil…

No, I do not mean Nancy Grace. In fact, Nancy will bring some excitement to the Dancing With The Stars cast. She is nothing if not passionate. I am talking about Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton. Surprise, Surprise. Ashton has a book coming out soon. Wow, that was fast.

In fact, one has to wonder how he has the chutzpah to do this. Didn’t he just blow the “case of the century?” We must remember that Ashton was a STATE employee and with that he had an obligation to represent the people vs. Casey Anthony. So, not only did he laugh and act like a fool in court, he must have also been moonlighting while putting this book together. This is outrageous.

Some questions. While I proclaimed Ashton a member of the BAD PROSECUTORS Club weeks ago, he is really pushing it here. Let us not forget all of the money spent on this case and the money we are still spending with the probation blunder. Where was Ashton when Anthony was “serving probation” in jail? Writing a book of course!

I am the first to say that both sides, Ashton and Baez presented poor cases. Yet, Ashton had the truth on his side. His arrogance lost him the case and costs the rest of us millions of dollars. All of this and Casey Anthony is a free woman!

Now, if the shoes were on the other feet, we would be screaming if Casey Anthony or Jose Baez had books coming out now. The fact is that Ashton has a right to earn a living but not at taxpayer expense. So, while he collects his government pension and accepts no responsibility for the loss, we are still paying. OUCH!!!

Last question. How much of the proceeds will go to charities that benefit missing and abused children? And, I don’t mean the Anthony foundation. Mr. Ashton, change is possible and not only felons need to make changes. Start here and now and pay some of it forward. Nobody likes a taker and a looser.

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