Last word on Casey Anthony!!!


Casey Anthony has checked in with her probation office in Florida. As anybody who knows how this goes, the probation officer will now make a plan with Casey herself. This supervised probation is to include random home visits, employment, further education and a written check in list sent by the fifth every month.

So, Casey has a few options as a convicted felon and a notorious individual. She can enter a re-entry program in Florida or try for a transfer out of state to a treatment program. The issue with that is going to be MONEY. Who is paying for all of this?

Probation will be the best thing that has happened to Anthony. She will now have accountability while being free in the outside world. This will give her time to rebuild her life. However, she will have to play by the rules. She did it in jail, so maybe the structure is just what she needs. As a prison coach I have seen it all and been there myself. It’s what happens after probation that we should all be worried about.

On another note: Florida is a Felony register state, so if she stays there it will be public record. Florida also leads the nation in formal re-entry programs. Former Governor Busch actually implemented a Re-Entry task force to address the issues raised by the many obstacles to life after prison and assimilation.

As for a BIG MONEY deal for Casey Anthony, Don’t bet on it. Now that probation is involved, they will be making sure the money is allocated to where some of it belongs. Hello IRS, State of Florida and others.

Seems that Baez overestimated his cash cow and that cash has disappeared for now. Time will tell. In the meantime, the circus has moved to Los Angeles and the upcoming trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray.

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