Casey Anthony-Perp Walk- What are the options???

There are days to go until Casey Anthony herself must show up in Florida to begin her one year of supervised probationSo, will she or won’t she? As of now Anthony is set to surrender to Orange County, Florida officials in one week. But, her lawyers have filed a stay and appeal. The appeal is to be heard and ruled on by Monday. As we all know, Judges are not often overturned on appeal.

Diane Dimond and Wendy Feldman

My bet, Anthony will have to serve her probation just like the rest of us. But, how, when, where??? She is not in Florida as Florida is a Felony Registry State. So, we would know if she was there. Sources have confirmed to me that Anthony did try to enter a rehab program for PTSD and other psychological issues. The question is did she stay there? If so, that could be one way to have her probation transferred. That because a disruption in treatment would be harmful to her. But, that raises the issue of public disclosure, her alleged lack of money etc…

Remember, Florida has declared Anthony indigent. Hence, she is still allowed to bill taxpayers for her criminal legal fees. But, if she is not in treatment and just lying low somewhere, Anthony has some serious issues to deal with. One may argue how she will be able to afford her ticket back to Florida, and how she will actually be able to hold a job. Remember, a lump sum payment for an interview is not a job that qualifies for probation, and it creates all kinds of other problems for her. For example, she has IRS liens, court courts, probation fees and more. Those will eat up most or all of a lump sum. And, they take priority over civil issues and Casey Anthony’s quest for high living!

However, the BAEZ team seems to have overestimated their meal ticket and interest in a large payment for Anthony. They also did not consider the financial obligations of her probation. Sloppy, sloppy. With this in mind, do not be surprised if the Baez team actually wants to show up in Florida and use this as a photo opportunity. This, much like a perp walk!! It is not out of the question to even have Baez attempt to sell the pictures of Casey landing and on her way to court. Cha ching, at least for Baez and Perry Mason.

Time will tell, but the sideshow continues and we are all still watching.

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