Will Casey Anthony become the poster child for Re-Entry???

I am not sure about that, but the Anthony case is a welcome opportunity to shine the light on our criminal justice system, what’s wrong and how to fix it. I have written much about the fact that as an insider, I believe that the only way to even attempt to fix out system is to turn it upside down. That means focus on the after prison or “Re-Entry” component. I believe there are three stages to our criminal justice system: the investigation/trial phase, the incarceration and re-entry.

Now, Casey Anthony is about to really experience what re-entry and probation are really like. Probation is designed to give people much need accountability as they transition back to society. As I said last week on CBS, Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell, there are two components that are usually needed to have a successful re-entry: Community ties and family relations and support. Obviously, Casey Anthony has neither. As a person who has worked with 100’s of people going through re-entry, it is possible to do so without these components, but it is a more difficult task. Just as an addict needs a support center, so does a person coming out of jail, what she does not need are ENABLERS. But, it looks like that’s exactly who she has. Recipe for disaster and a fast pass back to the slammer unless Anthony gets some real professional help.

But, first let’s look at some FACTS- Anthony is now ordered by Judge Belvin Perry to report back to Florida to begin serving one year of supervised probation. Not simple administrative probation, but supervised probation. That means, travel restrictions, random searches and U/A tests. She also must stay away from the victim in her check fraud case and get a JOB! What? Yes, a job. This is the interesting part as many people get around this by attending school, ordered mental health care etc…But, Anthony owes money to the IRS and also must pay her probation fee. She also may soon be ordered to pay money for the search for daughter Caylee. Plus, probation makes it much tougher for Casey to score a big money “tell all” deal.

Now, the probation officer assigned to Casey Anthony will have some say in the job/school issue. He may also allow her to write a written report by the 5th of the month with only  sporadic home and office visits. But, Casey Anthony will learn that games and lies do not work with probation officers. I believe that Judge Perry was right to be upset with Jose Baez for not preparing his client for this and for trying to pull one over on the court. A poor example for Casey herself. In fact, technically Casey Anthony is in violation of her probation right now as she left the state and has not begun probation.

Another fact is that like many people, Casey Anthony may be able to transfer her probation to another State. However, to qualify for this you must have a good reason. Valid reasons include family support in the other state, a better job and in some cases a rehab program. My guess is that the Baez team will be arguing the rehab issue and claim that she has already begun a program, so a transfer is needed. Convenient right? Well, rest assured that the Probation department will check it all out as will Judge Perry.

For now, these are the facts. I have been there done that and the moment I prepare a client for prison, I begin to prepare them for re-entry. It is no joke. Let’s stop making it a joke and look at what needs to happen for everyone involved. This insider knows that people do learn from probation and in most cases it is very helpful.



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3 responses to “Will Casey Anthony become the poster child for Re-Entry???

  1. Sarah Carmon

    As a former employee of the prison system, I do believe in the parole/probation re-entry. However I see a problem with Ms. Antho9ny an that is she is a sociopathic personality. They are almost impossible to rehab and it takes YEARS of therapy to accomplish even a small victory in their rehab. I don’t believe she can hold a job because she lies about small, insignificant things that are not worth lying about. Honesty is one of things most employers look for in a good employee. She has no skill that is marketable and no experience to list on an application. I do not see the threats to her life as creditable because I believe they were engineered by the Baez Law Firm in attemp to gain publicity for Books, Movies and the like, i.e. to increase her value and make money. I think she will reoffend again and end up behind bars just like all of the other sociopaths that crowd the prison walls.

  2. sophie

    I agree with Sarah. Additionally, Casey’s ‘enablers’ are in my opinion, simply protecting an investment at the moment. She’s their potential big money bread and butter. When they’ve realized all they can from this investment, they’ll cut her loose on her own with no support system. I imagine at this very moment in time, she’s become quite accustomed to her elevated quality of life and is becoming her old selfish, demanding, manipulating self. Don’t think she’ll be too pleasant to continue to harbor much longer.

    My husband said the minute the verdict was read, “oh don’t worry honey, she’ll be back in prison or dead within 5 years.” I firmly believe it.

    • joyce

      Hello Sophie,
      I was really bummed when Casey was found, “Not Guity.” It makes me very angry to see Casey living her comfotable lifestyle with her “entourage” seeing to her every wim. I will say, however, that my husband keeps telling me exactly what your husband tells you. I pray that both of our husbands are correct. Keep the faith!!

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