Hey kids, the circus is coming to town…Calling Dr. Murray…

The Casey Anthony case is winding down, so what better way to celebrate than a new “trial of the century.” And, this is sure to be much more salacious than Anthony ever could imagine. Who cares about wet T-shirts and tattoos, when we will soon have the old Michael Jackson cast and so much more. That’s right. The long awaited trial of Dr. Conrad Murray is set to hit Los Angeles in September.

The truth is that the cases are similar in so many ways. Both have victims who have ended up dead and both have very unsympathetic defendants. But, soon we will have a very different trial. That is because in the Murray case there are actually real defense lawyers like Ed Chernoff and Michael Flannigan. Gone are Bozo Baez and Perry Mason.

The Murray trial will also be star studded. This may even include a cast of Hollywood celebs who also received drugs from Murray and of course Dr. Arnold Klein. Klein is not charged in this case, but is sure to be a hot topic. Don’t worry. Klein will have his own criminal legal case soon enough. In fact, he has gotten the ball rolling with a Federal Bankruptcy filing.

Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. He is not charged with prescribing to an addict or other obvious charges. Is that a fair a charge? More on that later…

Gear up for this TV event. HLN never had it so good. Murray’s lawyers even asked for the jury to be sequestered so that there would be no “Nancy Grace Effect.” Really??? Too bad for the cable networks that this case will not be during the summer slow TV season, but during the much anticipated launch of the network fall schedule debut.


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