Casey Anthony prediction: Here come the FEDS!!!

The Casey Anthony case has more twists and turns than a ride at Universal Studios! As predicted, tot mom was not found guilty, pretends to be in rehab, and now I believe she and her legal team will face a Federal Investigation.

Why a Federal Investigation? Several reasons. For starters, the Florida department of Corrections SCREW up by allowing Casey Anthony to serve probation while in jail, Judge Strickland speaking to the media and the gross misuse of taxpayer funds to pay the Anthony lawyers and experts.

Now, this insider predicts that the IRS will investigate not only in regards to the lien they placed on the Casey Anthony payment from ABC, but the funds her legal team must have also received and not declared. Hello- tax FRAUD.

We also may see an investigation into the lack of a proper Police investigation, George and Cindy Anthony issues, and the quick determination to NOT file perjury charges against Cindy.

What else can go wrong here? Lots. Maybe in jail misconduct and the lack of a tax declaration on the funds received in jail by Casey Anthony.

This case shows the absolute tragic state that our criminal justice system is in.I spoke about this and more last week on Nancy Grace and issues with Jane Velez Mitchell. The lesson, as I always say is that change IS possible. This time we need to change the system. Less talk and more action.

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7 responses to “Casey Anthony prediction: Here come the FEDS!!!

  1. Kathy

    Dear Wendy ,
    I will get right to the point. Can you talk about the federal petition on your next television appearance? We have almost 46,000 signatures and going strong..Don’t let anyone tell you this cant be done. Its done every day and this case meets all the qualifications. We are trying to get someone to get this out to the general public so we can get the signatures needed to compel the decision makers to pursue this. Please Wendy we need you and Im going to tug at your heartstrings and say Caylee needs you to get justice in this case.
    I really truly feel led to wage this battle. I get the words “double jeopardy” parrotted to me every day. I tell people to please get educated about the facts and join the fight. Its a good fight. There is plenty of info on my wall in regards to the facts and why this absolutely can happen,
    Even if I never hear from you, bless you for being a voice and everything you advocate for.

  2. Sarah Carmon

    I totally agree with you. Casey Anthony will face charges from the FEDS, you can run but you can not hide from them. I believe that she lied to a Federal Agent in the investigation of her daughter. I think she is a sociopathic personality and will kill again if not stopped. Her parents are next on her list so they better sllep with one eye open now that she is orderd back to Florida

  3. Really interesting blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Said it once, I’ll say it again..Tax Fraud. It took Capone down, and if it takes Killer Casey and the Bozo Bunch down too? Good enough for me at this point.

  5. Dear Wendy,

    I can tell you that the US Attorney has received a 20 page letter outlining everything. I can also tell you that the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit has also been notifed. Baby Killer did not claim the $400,000 that she lately received. $200,000 for her FELON BOYFRIEND. Along with all the money that she received in jail. BABY KILLER HAS LIED TO HER PROBATION OFFICER ABOUT NO JOB, BEING BROKE, SHE LET THE VIDEO’S OUT BECAUSE SHE HAS TO HAVE ATTENTION.

  6. LInda

    I have to wonder why there was a Federal investigation into the rumors of witness tampering yet there was NEVER any investigation into JURY tampering….I mean, Even though there were all the post everywhere about how Some of the Jurors Like Jenn Ford for instance was given passes to Disney for not only her but her family as well,.And then what about not just one But two of the jurors were able to pay homes out of foreclosure! And then another bought a new home shortly after the trial!! Does that not warrant a investigation? I mean I am just curious about why no one took the steps just to make sure that everything was on the up and up? There was the Donated monies that Jose refused to account for and when asked about it in public one time he made the statement *It’s none of your business* And the later on he made claims that the money went to pay expert witnesses. But I have found myself over and over asking myself the same question..WHY? Why has everything seem to be swept under the rug…I mean these are all things that have been weighing on my mind….Well, That and I cannot figure out why Casey Anthony (THE FELON) keeps getting treated so special…..Please,If anyone at all can answer these questions…PLEASE let me know….Thanks…..Linda…AKA…Law Abiding Citizen….

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