Can Casey Anthony sue the State of Florida???


Surprise, surprise! There are so many twists and turns in the Casey Anthony case that one can barely keep up. As a former Wall Street person I know that timing is everything. So, let’s look at the suspicious timing in this case of late.

First all we must start with the very quick verdict and the timing of the release of Casey Anthony. Originally she was set to be released one day and then the Department of Corrections recalculated the date to one 4 days later. Huh?

Next, Casey is told that her probation for the check fraud convictions is over as she served it in jail? Really??? So, she is free and clear and off to an unknown location.

Then come the fake reports and sightings including one right back at Orlando airport. That is the silliest one of all. Florida is a Felony Register State and Anthony would have to register with the Sherriff’s department if she was there.

Then we have the networks all saying they are bailing, doubt it and so the Anthony team changes course and says Casey is in rehab because she needs treatment for serious mental health issues. Ya think??? This timing is also suspicious. Was the Baez team tipped off that the ex judge was going to amend his order and make Casey reserve her probation the typical way?

Last but not least, Judge Strickland’s timing? After all, he has had almost 3 weeks to figure this error of HIS out. But, he signs an order and goes on vacation?! Timing anyone?

So, now we are left with a huge legal fight and that means bill for the State, as Anthony has been declared indigent. Plus all of the court costs that have been rung up and get ready…

Casey Anthony may be in a good position to now SUE the State of Florida for unjust prosecution, discrimination and more. You name it. Casey Anthony, who needs a network gig, you’ve got Florida???

See what happens when even judges are looking for their fifteen miinutes. Errors and money, money, money. Same thing happened in the Lindsay Lohan case when the judge made an error and the probation department tried to violate Lohan and send her to jail. Well, surprise, surprise, the original judge had made an error and not ordered drug and alcohol testing past a certain date.

This week I discussed all that is Casey Anthony and more on Issues with Jane Valez Mitchell and Nancy GraceBut, there is so much more to tell!

The big question. Will Casey Anthony have to go back to Florida and serve probation, will she transfer her probation to where she is now or will the order be vacated? If so, watch for the Baez team to file a complaint and then a lawsuit perhaps?

And, did the State check to see where the $200,000 Casey received went before they declared her indigent? One thing is clear. Our criminal justice system is a mess and we can spell is Casey Anthony. Finally she is the poster child for something!

Stay tuned…

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One response to “Can Casey Anthony sue the State of Florida???

  1. Baez and Mason said years ago they plan to sue the state of Florida after the trial concludes and they have maintained several teams tracking television shows, networks, bloggers, newspapers, magazines, ect., ect., to ultimately sue for damages against their client. Funny how some just conveniently forget the facts. Baez, Mason, and Casey Anthony will someday own much of the United States of America, laughing all the way to the bank. -Jane

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