Why Casey Anthony will never get that million bucks…

Rumors are running rampant that Casey Anthony will get over a million dollars for an interview and maybe even a book. But look at the obvious. Anthony has a slew of legal troubles including IRS liens, her felony convictions, the appeal of her most recent convictions for lying and various civil suits. Even if she were to receive money, she would either not be able to keep it or she would lose her indigent status and therefore her defense in the criminal matter that is on appeal would have to be funded by her and not the state.

Add all of this to the fact that Casey Anthony cannot file bankruptcy easily and cannot make herself judgment proof. She simply will have to take this slowly and continue to accept the help others are giving her. Yes, others are funding her life now and her parent’s lives as well. How else do you think they are all living the life?

Certainly a network has not already paid cash directly to any of them, so who is?

The benefactors are front end paying the bills for their own reasons. Then, a network deal can come later after Casey cleans up and has proper coaching. Believe me, she is in therapy and coaching and maybe even having media prep.

And, at the end of the day if she does receive a money deal, she will have to pay her debts and then make a long term plan. Even a million dollars will NOT last forever and this high school dropout needs forever.

As for the parents, Cindy and George, who is funding them? Somebody is and we will soon learn. Expect them to do an interview before Casey.

No doubt Casey Anthony needs cash, but she also needs therapy and long term planning. Where she gets this or if she gets this is anybody’s guess. But, first Casey Anthony must stop playing the victim and start doing something for somebody else. How about donating a portion of any proceeds to charity? That could start what is truly needed here-some Restorative Justice.

Stay tuned. Change is possible. Maybe!



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2 responses to “Why Casey Anthony will never get that million bucks…

  1. sophie

    Additionally, Baez isn’t going to work for her for free. He cannot represent her in at least one of the suits as a conflict of interest. He cannot give up his practice to babysit her indefinitely and when the money’s rolling in, I guarantee he’s making sure he gets his cut first. Have a strong feeling that the minute Casey’s no longer marketable, he’ll cut her loose on her own. Then where will she be? She’ll resort back to what she knows best: lying and theft.

  2. jmma

    Baez will buy his own motor-scooter while riding the “Cash Cow Casey” and then scoot…..Either way, Casey has a lot to sort out for herself. She really can “trust no-one”.

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