Do we care where in the world Casey Anthony is???

At this point the mystery of how Casey Anthony would be released is over. Truth be told it was never a mystery. As I said on The CBS EARLY SHOW Saturday, all inmates have a similar release protocol. No, the Sheriff does not have to provide 24/7 protection and let us keep in mind that high profile people are released everyday.

The questions still abound for many about her re-entry into society. I also addressed this on the Early Show. Re-entry is the single hardest part of the incarceration process. Anybody can do time. But, many people have a hard time coming back into mainstream society. As with anybody I work with, I advise Casey Anthony to get help.

Celebrities in high profile cases often re- offend because of the enablers and takers around them. This case is not likely to be any different. After all, change takes work and admitting you NEED to change. How can Casey Anthony expect society to forgive her until she does the work? Maybe she should practice some restorative justice? Probably not, that takes work too.

Will Casey Anthony write a book? Can she write a book? That takes work too. Lying does not make somebody a murderer, but her lack of attachment and empathy do make her an unlikely candidate for change.

So, how long until Jose Baez looses interest and they too split? Criminal thinking is done in patterns. There are eight patterns of criminal thinking. Most people in prison exhibit at least a few of these. Number one pattern of criminal thinking- ENTITLEMENT.

Casey Anthony may never realize that there is a difference between FAME and INFAMY. Or, she may not care until she lands in jail again.



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2 responses to “Do we care where in the world Casey Anthony is???

  1. sophie

    I give her five years before she’s back in prison or dead. Baez will keep her around as long as there’s money in her cookie jar. The minute she can’t make him money, he’ll cut her loose and won’t give a whit about her circumstances.

  2. Casey Anthony, and with Baez and Mason, will soon all the medias and newspapers after they get verdicts on their expected lawsuits Baez and Mason said they have had teams monitoring all the defamation on TV, newspaper, and by bloggers. Casey will be a billionaire at some estimations but it may take several years to get to that point. Even so, she’s winning and winning and winning and will continue to win. Baez received settlements already by 42 websites already. 🙂 -Jane

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