Casey Anthony is going…

The time has come for Casey Anthony to walk free. Hard to believe, but true. Anthony leaves as a convicted felon for the check fraud conviction of January 2010. She also was sentenced to four years on the lying to police charges. Those are misdemeanors.
So, where does she go? There are all kinds of theories. I really do not know, but I do know that every aspect of this case is unusual and her destination is bound to be as well.
A normal inmate leaving has many options. In fact, Florida has more re-entry programs than most states and ex-governor Jeb Busch even had a re-entry task force. There are also faith-based programs and Casey said she met with ministry volunteers in jail. Who knows if that is true, as we must consider the source- Casey Anthony! But, the released person herself must choose to participate in a re-entry program unless she is ordered to a halfway house. Anthony was NOT ordered to a halfway house, community service or even probation. What???
Yep, she had a year of probation that was ordered in the January 2010 fraud case. She served that with a probation office visiting her in jail and the probation order expired January 2011. Yet another odd fact.
We do know that Anthony is able to bring her jail “possessions” with her as well as any money that was sent to her by fans and groupies. While this money has been reported to be less than $500, that may not be accurate. The $500 balance was on July 13. She probably has been withdrawing funds all along. We know she has been shopping in the jail commissary all along.
We also know that if Casey Anthony decides to live in certain States she will have to register as a convicted felon. Florida has a felony law for all offenders, but the much-rumored Texas does not. Anthony does have fans and groupies. Yes, FANS. Hey even Charles Manson has fans and groupies and admitted killer Lyle Menendez married a woman who had been writing letters to him despite the fact that he will never be released from prison. Anthony has been found not guilty so her fan base of wack packers is large. And yes, she has haters too. Many as we all know.
This begs the question: where can she go? While the rest of us think she would want to change her appearance and go by a different name, she may love the attention so much that after a few weeks seeks it out. Imagine calling a restaurant and saying “Casey Anthony” table for two! Very possible as she obviously has some mental health issues and is a severe narcissist.
Where will Casey Anthony go and where will she stay? Time will tell, and I am sure we will all be hearing from her loud and clear. Well, clear in her world. Fantasyland but not Universal Studios. Stay tuned…

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  1. billie

    i think its really sad

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