Will I work with Casey Anthony???


A few days ago I received a call asking if I would work with Casey Anthony on release and re-entry. Needless to say this call gave me pause. My standard answer of “I only work with non-violent” offenders would not work. After all, Anthony has only been convicted of non-violent offenses. Those being fraud and making false statements. After asking some questions about the plan for Anthony, the best I could offer is my sincere advise. My suggestions:

1)   Enter a long-term treatment facility in order to address post traumatic stress and other mental health issues.

2)   Assemble a quality team of professionals to assist Anthony with any family reunification should that be a goal

3)   Anthony should start in a true and honest restorative justice program


5)   Participate in job training

I cannot tell you the response I was met with, but I can say that this is the approach I would offer anybody who is coming out of jail into an unstable environment. It is not in anyway prolonging the jail sentence. It is the best way to live a free and balanced life in the years to come.


This brings me to the bigger picture. Every year 9 MILLION people are released from jail or prison. Some have served days and some many years. Most have no jobs skills and little family or community ties. Family and community ties are key ingredients to early Federal Halfway House release.

My suggestion, if we want to change our criminal justice system and reduce crime, we must must look turn it upside down. That means start and re-entry and go backwards. Solving crimes and prosecuting them is the easy part. And, anybody can do jail time. It is the work that comes after.

As for my answer regarding Casey Anthony- I passed. Change takes work and lots of it. Take it from this insider. Been there, doing that.


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