What do Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Cindy Anthony Have in Common???

It seems that every “expert” on television has a thought about Cindy Anthony and the question of perjury charges. Oddly enough, the consensus seems to be that she will not be charged. Many of the legal TV pundits and headline makers are outraged at the suggestion. Really? While all of us sympathize with her loss, the fact is people do go to prison everyday for perjury and making false statements. This insider has coached many people who served time for lying. Most do it because they are scared and do not know what else to do and  so they panic. A costly mistake.

Today Roger Clemens goes on trial in Federal Court on six counts. Two of these counts are for perjury and three for making false statements. In fact, just as in many cases, it is the cover up and not the actual crime that people go to Prison for. Think Martha Stewart, Marion Jones and many more. Baseball great Barry Bonds was convicted in April 2011 of Obstruction of Justice and the jury deadlocked on three charges of perjury. Bonds may be recharged on the perjury charges.

I empathize with anybody facing time on non-violent offenses. I believe that in most of these cases an alternative sentence of community service is more appropriate than actual jail or prison time. But, we are supposed to have a fair and balanced justice system. This means Equal Justice for all. Selective prosecution remains a fact of life. This because of the money needed to prosecute crimes and the vast differences between judges, prosecutors and legal jurisdictions. States have different protocols than the Feds and even District Attorney’s differ State-by-State, county-by-county.

But, this cannot mean that there are exceptions to laws. Our system is in enough trouble without that. One wrong does not make another right. So, what to do in the Cindy Anthony matter? Sadly that is the difficult task of the State of Florida. Stay tuned. Follow on Twitter @incarcervention


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