The Casey Anthony Family-aka Fantasyland!!!

Are we sure Casey Anthony didn’t pretend to work at Disneyland and not Universal Studios? That would make sense and she and her family would be the ringmasters of Fantasyland. Today we saw yet another side of George Anthony- the grieving grandfather. This after he was argumentative and very guilty acting yesterday about his “affair” with a volunteer searcher. This case fascinates us so much because there really is something so odd about this family.

First, they all lie; they all have anger problems and ugly outbursts. And, they have all sold pieces of the story to the media. This does not make the elder Anthony’s guilty of murder or a cover up but it does make them likely guilty of perjury. I heard one legal “expert” on television say that there is no way any of the Anthony family except Casey would be prosecuted, even for lying on the stand, because they are grieving. Please, give me a break! This is not equal justice in the least if that’s the case.

In the United States, we do prosecute people for perjury every day. Ask Martha, Barry Bonds and many, many others. What we do not put people in jail for is poor parenting. Maybe we should start.

The Casey Anthony case is also amazing because the camera is in the courtroom and we see every move Casey makes. Her true colors are showing. No longer does she look like the party girl or even the tough girl. She looks, angry, pathetic and scared. I wonder, how much medication and what meds she is on?

I still maintain that the jail visiting tapes tell a story and the family are not fully innocent in this matter. Does that mean Casey didn’t kill her daughter-nope. It just means there is more rotten here than whatever was in the trunk. Maybe sexual abuse, maybe drugs or maybe just plain psychopathy. Better yet, a combo!

With the case going to the jury very soon, we will all be left to speculate until a verdict is reached and even then there will be questions. Casey needs a good prison coach but her family needs an Incarcervention before something else happens.

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3 responses to “The Casey Anthony Family-aka Fantasyland!!!

  1. michellefrommadison

    Maybe George Anthony tried to kill himself because he felt guilty that Caylee got into the pool by herself, drown, and George was unable to revive her, then helped to get rid of the body through Kronk so that George would not be investigated on his many affairs.

    • That is a good theory and at least part of it may be true.

      • michellefrommadison

        Maybe we’ll learn more in the morning on Thursday as it is reported that the defense will conclude their case on Thursday followed by two days of closing arguments, followed by jurors getting their case on Sunday to begin deliberations, according to Anderson Cooper Wednesday evening.

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