Blago- What’s next???

As readers of mine know, I have written much about ex governor Rod Blagojevich and what he should have done. Last summer I wrote that in my opinion Blago should have cut a deal and saved the taxpayers and himself a load of money and time. Now, as we find out, Blago is going to have lots of time to think about this mess.

Today Blagojevich was convicted of 17 counts of various Federal charges. All felonies, all-serious. He is looking at 8 years if he is LUCKY. We will find out when he is sentenced in a few months. But now, Blago will not be permitted to travel without court permission and will begin what is known as post conviction supervision. Blago will have to check in with a probation officer and submit to various rules. No more reality TV and no more games. Well, probably one more game- an appeal.

Blagojevich is the second Illinois governor in a row to face Federal Prison and corruption charges. Blago will also probably start to have his lawyers produce all kinds of alternative sentence proposals and mitigating circumstances. For example, a forensic mental health evaluation etc…

Blago is a prime example of a person whose ego has led them to prison and a great example of a person who was in need of an incarcervention. For a man who loves the media he sure seems lucky. This media coverage is not positive and yet many people are too busy with the Tot mom Casey Anthony story to pay attention. But, by the time a Blago sentencing comes around we will all be watching.

Where Blago serves his jail time will be the next hot topic in the rumor mill otherwise known as Blago- the offer still stands- CALL ME. You need a good prison coach.


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