The Casey Anthony Case- It’s all in the Jail tapes!!! Follow @incarcervention

The Casey Anthony “Tot mom” case is moving along, and what is becoming clear is something I have said all along. Much of the case and what led to this point is in the trove of family secrets. More on the secrets later. But, let’s start with the very odd way the Anthony family acted on the JAIL HOUSE taped visits. As a prison coach and former inmate myself, I can assure you that there is nothing normal about the way this family visited with each other on these tapes. This includes George, Cindy, Lee and Casey herself. I have prepared hundreds of families for visits and these set of jailhouse visits do not add up. Or rather maybe they do now that we are learning so much more about the Anthony family.

The facts: Casey Anthony is a known liar, her parents both have significant mental health issues and Lee is a shady character at best. In dispute is how Casey became such a good liar and why. Was she molested and by whom? Did her parents help her in the cover up before or is this cover up behavior new for the trial? And, what else is going on here? Several years ago Jane Velez Mitchell wrote a great book about infamous criminal cases called Secrets Can Be Murder. This could not be truer than in the tot mom case. But, what else tells the story?

Several things are very revealing in this case. From the way George and Cindy Anthony handled the media at first to their odd “acceptance” of the fact that Casey lied about Caylee being missing for 31 days to the bizarre explanation of the odor in the car, this adds up to one very intriguing mystery that we all want to solve.

But, back to the jail visiting tapes. I have analyzed these tapes several times. Remember, these visits were before Caylee had been found dead and were mostly at the beginning of the case. In fact, Casey was let out of jail for a brief period of time after some of the visits. So, how is it that the visits are all so calm and how did Lee become such an expert at talking in code during his visits? For most people the shock of visiting their child behind glass is traumatic. For this family it should have been even more traumatic as Caylee was missing and Casey had been shown to have lied about the fact that her daughter had been gone for 31 days. And, the Anthony’s had never visited their child in jail before. I understand how Casey was so calm as she has a fantastic capacity to live in fantasyland, but George, Cindy and Lee? This makes no sense and yet speaks volumes about what may be going on here.

Did the Anthony’s have a person coach them for these visits? Why does the emotion seem so disingenuous? Well, I doubt they were coached but maybe we can assume that each member of the family has their own baggage to cover up? And by baggage I mean anything and everything. As for Lee and his offers to track down people for Casey with “friends” in law enforcement and the way he stops her from saying too much because the visits are recorded, we can only assume he has watched a lot of television. The tapes between Casey and George are far more disturbing. I assure you this is not a normal visiting pattern. Especially visits at the beginning of a jail term of somebody who has yet to be convicted. ODD. I am not trying to solve this case nor can I. But, I would suggest people look at the tapes, the visits and the body language. They tell a story.



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4 responses to “The Casey Anthony Case- It’s all in the Jail tapes!!! Follow @incarcervention

  1. janis

    Wow are you wrong!
    This IS a normal family that has had to deal with a devious daughter for many years.
    If you wanted to “deal” with Casey,
    would you not approach her with kid gloves?
    “Sweeheart,baby,where is Caylee,can you give us help ”
    They were so desperate & I am sure they were coached .
    She is a sick girl and her parents should have filed for guardianship of the child.
    Come on.
    No one has ever mentioned a lie detector test that she must have had,
    She killed her child
    her Parents and brother & heaven knows how many others.
    She should be spared her life for only

  2. Paradigm

    The fact that she was out partying instead of calling the police, showing no signs of distress, and her amazing ability to lie – it all indicates psychopathy. As for the rest of the family it’s hard to tell exactly what is going on. Do the parents really have mental health issues? I’m not disputing it, I’m just curious.

  3. sophie

    There are tapes in which George appears to be looking at Casey very quizzically, as though trying to sort out in his own mind whether or not she could have done this thing…and at the same time his expression could be read as trying to convey or hoping to convey the message “keep your mouth shut” about something. Haven’t figured out which. And they are indeed strange. The one where Casey’s laughing at her mother who’s crying, the look on Cindy’s face is that of true horror, she’s realizing her daughter is not ‘right’…like she realizes Casey did do something to Caylee. I say they knew shortly afterward in their hearts that Casey did indeed kill Caylee.

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