The Casey Anthony Trial- Show me the MONEY!!!


Here we are again. A very serious trial where certain lawyers seem more interested in what they perceive will be their after trial payday. Can you spell JOSE BAEZ? Every time he speaks he is pandering to the courtroom camera. What else can explain his poor performance as a defense lawyer on a case where his client is facing the death penalty? After all, Baez floated a theory during opening statements that the child drowned and the grandfather covered it up. HMMM. So, how does this explain the fact that tot mom was out partying and didn’t call the police for 31 days?

Baez is in a long line of lawyers and judges who have turned extreme courtroom behavior into a TV career. Think Judge Lance Ito, Marcia Clark, Judge Larry Seidlin from the Anna Nicole case and others. Remember, Judge Seidlen actually had a crying session in his courtroom! But, there is one big difference here. Baez is very unpopular and does not have the legal chops of the others. His courtroom antics have not been entertaining or legally sound, but I am sure he will try for his 15 minutes of fame.

This makes me wonder; how many people are set to profit off the death of Caylee Anthony? The grandparents have been shopping a book and have licensed pictures for a mid six-figure amount, Lee Anthony is also shopping a book and Tot mom herself has tried to sell pictures.

This insider proposes a law that proceeds would have to go to pay court costs on all matters that have wasted taxpayer money. Yes, change is possible but not when you let greed and fame get in the way.


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