Tot mom Casey Anthony- If convicted, what happens next???

Now that the Casey Anthony murder trial is winding down, what may become of Tot Mom Anthony? First of all, Tot mom must be worried as the trial is wrapping up. Many things will change if she is in fact found guilty of any of the charges. For one, her days of hanging out with her lawyers in street clothes will be gone and so will ALL of the attention. Well not quite. After all she will still have her celebrity status in State Prison, and I am sure the fan mail will keep coming. And, so will all of the cash from people who do not even know her. All of this on top if the endless request for media interviews that may actually be granted. Remember, this is a State Prison case, not a Federal Prison case. The Feds have no patience for prison interviews.

What else will change for tot mom? For one, she will enter State Prison and will no longer be housed on county jails. There is a bright side to that. She will actually have a permanent home! She also will have outside Yard privileges. Tot mom looks like she could use a little of the Florida sun. On the darker side, if Anthony is convicted and receives the death penalty, she will be one of only 4 women currently on Death Row in Florida. So, Tot mom may actually get the fame and attention she has always desired.

Here is the big question: if convicted, will Anthony be better taken car of in a Maximum-security prison or on Death Row? The jury is out on this, but death row inmates do have less social time and must be segregated from the general population. Lifers who are in the maximum-security units sometimes have perks like school, bible study, yoga and other outside activities. It all depends on how the prison feels they need to handle the security of the inmate. With tot mom, security will be a tough task and the Warden and his staff will have to make sure that Anthony is not only safe but not a danger or distraction to the other women.

Lots to consider, lots to pay for by taxpayers and for what??? Let this be a cautionary tale to others. Even in desperate situations, there are ways to get out. Harming a child is NOT one of them.


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One response to “Tot mom Casey Anthony- If convicted, what happens next???

  1. Since her mother is a now known lair why isn’t the State taking a good look at her?
    Fact: She washed clothing found in the trunk, cleaned the doll and sprayed down the car to remove odor. She is a skilled nurse and knows the smell of death.

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