Tot mom or Arnold- Who is the bigger celebrity now?

Yes, it’s true. Casey Anthony has knocked all of the Arnold Schwarzenegger stories off the front page. Go figure?!

To explore how and if this is true, we must first look at what it means to be a celebrity.  The new Oxford American dictionary defines the word celebrity as A famous person. Well, she’s got that. Look at most of the current magazines. The cover’s are all about TOT MOM. Cable TV coverage seems to be all Tot mom, all the time. Even the Kardashian’s premier is upstaged by  Casey Anthony.

So, whom do we have to thank for this phenomena? My vote goes to Ms. Nancy Grace herself. Nancy has covered all angles of the case for years and has devoted much to the story. It is believed that Grace even came up with the phrase “tot mom.” Think about it, Nancy has taken a horrific murder and raised awareness to the many issues that come with violent crime. And, the many victims. You see tot baby Cailey is not the only victim. Look at the rest of the family and even our taxpayers and criminal justice system. We are all paying for this. But, why do we care so much?

This is an easy one. We are so interested in crime. Crime shows like Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds and others, are the hottest shows on television. And with the Anthony case we get to be front row center as it unfolds. I know people are fascinated by crime and especially jail and prison by the numerous questions and inquiries I receive having been a part of the criminal justice system. When I tell people I served time in a Federal Prison Camp at first they do not believe me and then the next question is- HOW WAS IT? I can do question and answer when I speak around the country for hours and still people want to know more.

So, here are a few nuggets of information about the Tot mom case from an insider’s point of view.

1-  People are sending money in record amounts to Anthony’s commissary spending account. This makes her even more popular with other inmates!

2-  Visits from strangers for tot mom are huge.

3-  Seats at the daily tot mom live show- otherwise known as a trial, are the hottest ticket in town and have people running over each other to get seats.

4-  There is a hugely successful blog about the trial called the Cayleedaily

5-  If convicted, Casey Anthony will be moved and housed in a State Prison, not a county jail. There she will also have celebrity status and believe it or not, she may be more popular with other inmates than most. This is because she has money on her books as they say in the slammer, and just like on the outside, money talks!

Now, if Anthony is sent to death row her ability to interact with other inmates will be substantially reduced. But, I am sure she will continue to receive huge sums of mail. Just ask Scott Peterson.

There is no doubt that the tot mom case is tragic in many ways. What this insider hopes happens is that those of us who work in criminal justice and those in the media take this opportunity to shine the light on our system and what needs to change. We can learn a lot from this case. Tot mom may not be coming home one day but 97% of all others inside are. What’s next? Re-entry must be our focus for the long run. Change in most cases is possible with hard work. I am living proof of this and so are my clients.


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