Who would you Rather: Blago, Edwards or Tot mom???

Tis the season of some high profile cases making news. We are all-familiar with round 2 of the Blago mess and await a verdict in this case.

John Edwards was indicted on criminal charges today and the Casey Anthony “Tot Mom” trial is getting rolling.

3 very different cases and yet all of these people are very close to serving prison time. All must look deep within themselves and ask what the hell happened? Not in the case, but to the person himself. After all, you don’t end up in prison for one mistake. There are patterns in criminal behavior and for these three; the patterns have caught up with them.

They also share some similar traits: narcissism, grandiosity, inflated ego and maybe even sociopathy.

As a prison coach this is not unusual. I see it all of the time. What my job then becomes is trying to get these types of people to tone it down and look into themselves. The next step is to go to prison prepared and if they are to be released like Blago or Edwards, should they be convicted, how to come back to society better people in every way! A tough task but not impossible. Remember, 97% of everybody in prison IS coming home one day soon. I urge clients to start preparing for re-entry as soon as they can. This means NOW!

So, these three show a cross section of what is going on in our criminal justice system. Hey Blago and Johnie, the offer still stands. CALL ME! And start practicing some Restorative Justice before it’s too late.

Change is possible with hard work. 1-866-229-8264.


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