At least we have BLAGO!!!


May 2011 in Chicago has brought some sadness and anxiety for those who were Oprah fans. But, alas. At least we have BLAGO. Well, for now.

As the defense case in the re-trail of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich rolls on, the entertainment and big names keep coming. Or, at least the names are supposed to. We did see current mayor Rahm Emanuel take the stand briefly and are promised more are to come.

Blago is everything that is wrong with our criminal justice system. First and foremost he shows just how unwisely the U.S. spends our money on criminal prosecution’s that have gone off track. Remember, that last summer Blago faced a similar trail. At that trial he was found guilty on one of the 24 charges and the jury was hung on the others. So, this time around Blago has asked that the Feds pay for his legal bills. That means us! How is this possible? Well, Blago says he is deeply in debt and is due the same treatment as others who cannot pay for a defense. And, in the spirit of equal justice, that is true. But, isn’t it another crime to take advantage of the taxpayers you have already ripped off by your lack of public SERVICE?

So, Blago, this insider urged you to make a deal and get on with the show last summer. But, now you really are boxed in. Not even “Celebrity Apprentice” or other reality TV can fix this mess. One good note- I will work with you for FREE in the spirit of positive change. You know my number, call me! 1-866-229-8264.


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