Arnold Schwarzenegger- he defines INCARCERVENTION!!!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger saga is proof that some people will push things to the limit and risk everything. What winds up happening is death, jail or SCANDAL. Sometimes all three. So what is it that drives otherwise successful people to the depth that Schwarzenegger has now sunk? One word- grandiosity. Next word- entitlement. Both words are part of the eight patterns of criminal thinking.

The current Schwarzenegger situation was predictable. Hello 1980’s Columbia Pictures scandal, steroids, years of womanizing, allegations of drug use, sexual harassment claims and of course political office. After all, it was at the end of his term that Arnold commuted the murder sentence of the son of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, a Schwarzenegger friend and political ally. At the time I posted a story about this under my equal justice category.

So what are we to think about the collateral damage and the consequences to everyone else? How sad for Maria and their children. It goes to show you that all is never what it appears. Ask any woman who has lived through an abusive relationship. We lie about it and cover it up. Even famous women and leaders like Maria Shriver.

Now we are left with a State that is less than bankrupt and a still out of control Arnold. While I believe that change is possible, it does take hard work. It also takes admitting there are problems and not just because you want better press. I am sorry Arnold but you will not be BAAAACK. But, in case you want to start working please visit me at Just like with Blago, I won’t hold my breath.


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