Lindsay Lohan- Equal Justice- No Contest!!!

Tomorrow, Lindsay Lohan is expected to pled no contest in the jewelry theft case. My dislike of this case is well-known. At best it is a misdemeanor case, not the theft of the century!

SO, Lohan will have an ankle bracelet and go home on an alterative sentence. But, she must continue the community service the court ordered because that was for the violation of probation case.

Despite all of the media hype and press, I do think this is Equal Justice. Anybody with this minor charge and plea can go on home confinement. The really interesting part of the case is the several hundred hours of community service. If Lohan is to have any chance of staying out of trouble and away from further Incarcerventions, she must learn to accept that she must follow rules and learn accountability. Accountability is what helps people stay on the right track. Extensive Community Service should help Lohan with this. Community service is also important as it helps the offender feel important and build self-esteem. A win win for all.

I believe that this is a fair and equitable outcome. Lindsay, change is possible keep working on it!


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