Alternative sentences and how to get one!!!

There is not a day that goes by that a client does not ask for an alternative to serving time in prison. My advise start early with experts helping your lawyer present the best mitigation to help you achieve an alternative sentence.

For those who wait until after sentencing, there is little that can be done unless there were some errors at sentencing. However, for those who have begun to serve their time and have not completed the first year, there is an option called rule 2255. These are done everyday by inmates who want to reduce or vacate their sentences. But, if done correctly and if there is cause, the inmate may have a chance.

In prison there is a new story floating around everyday about new laws etc…. These are usually not true and are in fact what insiders call the system of information!

Having said all of that, a true alternative sentence of home confinement, halfway house, rehab and others is usually possible. In order to obtain one, you must put together a pre sentencing report that includes why you should qualify for an alterernative.

I advise everyone to read the page on my website about alternative sentencing. Take it seriously and you may just get one. For further information contact my office and get the right specialist team in place.


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  1. Hi, just ran into this site from digg. It’s not blog post I would regularly read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thanx for making something worth reading!

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