What’s next for Kobe? Incarcervention needed!!!

As we all have heard, Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for making a homophobic slur to a referee. What makes this remarkable is not that he lost his temper and said it; rather that Kobe initially failed to take responsibility for his actions. In fact, he said that his words do not reflect his true feelings but did not apologize. Instead he made numerous excuses for his outburst.

This is sad but not unpredictable. Yes, the $100,000 fine is much less than the reportedly $4,000,000 ring he gave his wife to appease her after cheating on her several years ago. Remember? Kobe was actually accused of raping the girl he cheated with and the case was eventually dropped after the woman refused to testify against him in court. But, the rape case did spend almost two years with the Denver D.A’s office. During this time Kobe was arrested and spent many days in court, most of which was televised. There were also many rumors that the Bryant team harassed the woman’s family and eventually paid them off.

Those rumors will never be proven, but even after almost going to jail, Kobe seems not to have learned his lesson. At the conclusion of the legal case Kobe publicly “apologized” while still placing some blame for the “misunderstanding” on the alleged victim. Yes, I believe that change is possible but here we go again with Kobe seeming to fail to have learned a lesson. Had he simply apologized for his homophobic remarks I might have believed him. But, he once again pushed the line and assigned blame.

So, what’s next? Maybe a D.U.I. or other legal problems? Take it from this insider. They all go hand in hand. Stop now or pay later Kobe.


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