Barry Bonds- Welcome to the Club!!!


Barry Bonds was found guilty today of one charge of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. The Federal Judge declared a mistrial on other charges of perjury and use of steroids. He was not acquitted on these charges. This means the government can decide to re-try him or simply sentence him on the one conviction.

This may be the end of an eight year legal battle stemming from either a simple lie or a serious misunderstanding. But, to believe Bonds has “misunderstood” so many different things, is itself unbelievable. At the very least Bonds must finally accept some responsibility for his actions and the huge cost of this mess to taxpayers.

Let us not forget that Obstruction is the same charge Martha Stewart went to jail for.  While none of us know if Bonds will go to prison, if we are truly to have a system with Equal Justice, then we all must consider what should happen with Bonds. I know one thing is for sure. Bonds should start practicing Restorative Justice now and give something back.

Barry Bonds, this insider urges that at the very least you are ordered to substantial Community Service. This for manipulating and taking resources away from those who have given you so much.


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